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Mysia Anderson

Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

What excites you most about coming to UC San Diego?

“The vibrant academic and artistic communities that flourish here. I’m excited to witness the beginnings of Eighth College; its Engagement and Community theme aligns with the aspirations of my own work.”

Why did you choose your field of study?

“As an artist-scholar, I have found an intellectual and creative home within performance studies. Wedding the creative arts and critical theory, performance studies affords me the freedom to play, question and teach with a spirit of adventure.” 

What advice do you have for students studying in the arts and humanities?

“I hope you allow your questions to serve as your intellectual lighthouse. Witnessing art, reading and creating work have been balms, cures and compasses for me in the midst of uncertainty.”

How do you view your role relative to the greater regional community?

“I deeply wish to feel rooted here and continue my mission of service and healing. In my capacity as a professor, I believe my role is to be in equitable relation to the greater regional community.”

What is something about yourself that is not typically included in your bio?

“I am one of seven children born to a spirited Baptist pastor and compassionate child care provider. Betty, my joyous grandmother with pink hair, is most certainly my muse.”
Professor Mysia Anderson, Ph.D. (she/her) is a Black feminist artist-scholar from Miami, Florida. She currently serves as assistant professor of Black Performance Theory in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Her research examines Black sustainability in the city of Miami through an exploration of oral history, storytelling and performance. She received a bachelor’s degree in African and African-American Studies from Stanford University, with a concentration in gender and sexuality. In 2023, she earned a PhD from Brown University’s Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Department. She is also a 2022 graduate of the Atlantic Acting School’s Global Virtual Conservatory. Through performance, community-engagement and dreaming she desires to tell stories rooted in African Diaspora world-making.