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Staff Resources

Marketing and Branding Resources

UC San Diego - Brand Guidelines

Please view the campus branding guidelines for directions on fonts, colors, graphics and imagery.

Brand Downloads: 

UC San Diego - Photography and Videography Services and Requests

University Communications - Photography and Videography Services & Requests

In addition to supporting the core communication and public relations needs of the campus, University Communications offers photography and videography services to schools, divisions and departments as a recharge service.

There are two processes for submitting requests:

  1. Complete the Asana Form: use to request headshots, photo or video coverage of an event.
  2. Email use for other kinds of photo or video support—marketing photos or video, research/news coverage, etc.

Full details and rates are provided on the Photography and Videography University Communications page.

School of Arts and Humanities - Logos

School of Arts and Humanities logo


  • To access and download files, log-in with an Active Directory account.
  • Logos are available in black, white, navy, and navy/gold versions, in jpg, png and eps format.
  • For guidance on logo usage, please visit the UC San Diego campus branding page at

School of Arts and Humanities - Templates

To access and download files, log-in with an Active Directory account.



Arts and Humanities Building - Digital Screen Content Submission

The Arts and Humanities Building has digital screens located in the lobby area of six floors, managed in part by the Office of the Dean.

To request content be included on a digital screen, please complete this submission form.










Promotional Opportunities

Professional Development

Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program

Funds Available for Staff Training and Career Development through Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program

UC San Diego is pleased to announce the application period for the Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program (SEOEP), a fund designated to provide training and career development opportunities for eligible individual staff and departments, is open through June 14, 2024.

Eligible, individual staff members on campus and UC San Diego Health seeking career growth can receive up to $500 for training activities. Eligible departments on campus and UC San Diego Health can receive up to $5,000.

The application period for the 2024-2025 SEOEP cycle begins May 13, 2024. Individual and department proposals for SEOEP funds must be received by June 14, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.

To learn more about the proposal criteria and to submit a proposal, visit the SEOEP Blink page. For questions, contact

Human Resources

HR Strategic Plan and Pilot Program

The purpose of the HR Strategic Plan is to build a school-wide human resources team and infrastructure to support HR functions for staff and casual-restricted student employees in the six departments, two institutes, and two centers in the School of Arts and Humanities. The goals of the Strategic Plan are to relieve workload for the units in the School, provide better services to CAOs and staff members, provide coverage in case of turnover, document and streamline processes, and manage compliance as required by campus.

The HR Pilot is the plan to incorporate each unit into the workload of the HR team in the School of Arts and Humanities Dean’s Office on a staggered schedule in order to focus on the needs of each unit during the transition.

Currently, the following units are supported by the HR team: Dean’s Office, Center for Taiwan Studies, Institute for Practical Ethics, Literature, Suraj Israni Center for Cinematic Arts, and Visual Arts.

In the future and in consultation with each area’s leadership team, the remaining units will be incorporated into the HR team’s workload: Analytical Writing Program, History, Institute of Arts and Humanities, Music, Philosophy, Theatre & Dance.  

Departments and units will continue to be responsible for processes related to their academic employees and graduate student employees.

Who should I contact?

For strategic and organizational planning, all CAOs should continue to contact Alma Palazzolo, Assistant Dean of Resource Administration,

All other HR requests should be directed to Tara Nadeau, Program & HR Manager,

What functions will the HR team manage?

The HR team currently supports the following functions:

  • Recruitments (career, contract, limited)
  • Onboarding
  • Classification and Compensation (including equities and stipends)
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Employee Reduction in Time (ERIT)
  • Terminations (Transfers, Voluntary/Involuntary, Retirements)
  • Casual-Restricted Student Employees
  • Compliance Reporting
  • UCPath transactions related to the above tasks

See drawers below for more detailed information about certain functions.

What functions will remain in the units?

  • Ecotime & Timekeeping
  • Mandatory notice postings in department spaces
  • Performance Management
  • Personnel File retention
  • Postdoctoral Scholar appointments
  • Service Credit Awards and Pins
  • Staff Performance Appraisal
  • STAR Awards
  • Visiting Graduate Student appointments
  • Visiting Scholar appointments

Although the HR team does not directly support the functions listed above, they are available to provide guidance and support as needed and during periods of staff turnover in the units.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources for Staff

Who to contact


Unit (Department/Center/Institute)

  • Makes requests to HR team for specific actions
  • Consults on classification and compensation
  • Makes hiring decision
  • Requests HR team to make position, job data, or funding changes to positions in UCPath
  • Provides information as requested by HR Team

HR Team

  • Provides guidance and support on creating and drafting a job description in JDOnline
  • Coordinates recruitments and process hiring
  • Coordinates and process changes needed to a staff appointment if there is an FLSA/paygroup conflict and notify the employee
  • Processes terminations (transfers, retirements, voluntary and involuntary terminations)
  • Initiates overpayment requests to UCPath and provides information on why overpayment occurred and how the gross amount was derived
  • Coordinates and processes necessary visas associated with appointments
  • Advises on health and welfare programs
  • Assists and provides guidance with accommodation requests, including interactive processes
  • Completes UCPath entries for all updates to employee HR records
  • Provides leaves guidance, coordination, and processing
  • Provides guidance on damage payments

Employee Relations

  • Job abandonment
  • Performance issues
  • Disciplinary action
  • Layoffs and reductions in time
  • Accommodation requests
  • Grievances

Central Benefits Team

  • Helps employees (and retirees) understand how their healthcare plan works, understand premium costs, compare plans, and understand eligibility issues
  • Handles benefits policy interpretation questions
  • Handles ACA interpretation

UCPath Center

  • Overpayment collection process and questions about overpayment letter totals or overpayment repayment options
  • Stop payment and reissuance of checks
  • Questions about paycheck deductions
  • Self-service menu for employees:
    • Benefits
    • Direct Deposit
    • Employment Verification
    • Leave balances
    • Address changes
    • W-2s

Glacier/Foreign Tax compliance

  • Tax implications for out of state and out of country employees
  • Paycheck and pay dates
  • Glacier records and updates

UC San Diego Employee Center

  • Employees can submit their own confidential tickets about HR-related issues to ask questions, submit requests, and find information

Process for Recruitments (career, contract, limited)

  1. If this is a new position or if the duties have changed significantly since previously classified, it will have to be classified. You will need to have the following items ready to classify the position:
    1. Completed Job Description
    2. Current and proposed organization chart
    3. Reason for classification
  2. HR team will submit the requisition in HireOnline and will need the following information from the unit:
    1. Job Description #
    2. Supervisor Name
    3. Desired Start Date
    4. Work Location, Work Hours Per Day, and Work Days
    5. Recruitment Type
    6. Budgeted Salary Range
    7. Cover Letter required (yes/no)
    8. Questionnaire (yes/no)
    9. Posting Period
    10. Screening Criteria
    11. Search committee names (minimum 3)
  3. HR team will review information and contact the unit if more information is needed. HR team will submit the requisition.
  4. Once the Talent Advisor begins to refer applicants, HR team will create a Google folder where the search committee can view applications and screen the candidates.
  5. HR team will poll search committee for interview dates and then reach out to the selected candidates for interviews.
  6. Unit will inform HR team of their selection and will need to provide the following information:
    1. Start Date and End Date (if applicable)
    2. Salary (or range for negotiation)
  7. If requested, HR team will reach out to finalist to make a verbal offer and explain next steps in process.
  8. If requested, HR team will conduct reference checks, request SPAs (if internal candidate), and relay results to the CAO or supervisor.
  9. HR team will submit hire approval in HireOnline and send offer letter once approved.
  10. Following finalist’s acceptance of offer, HR team will transition to onboarding process.

Process for Onboarding

The process outlined below applies to all staff types (career, contract, limited)

  1. CAO or hiring manager sends offer letter to new employee with a CC to HR team.
  2. New employee accepts offer letter.
  3. HR team contacts new employee to inform them of background check process.
  4. HR team submits background check request.
  5. If background check clears, HR team contacts new employee to verify personal information and discuss next steps.
  6. HR team initiates Onboarding Solution process with verified personal information.
  7. New employee completes required paperwork in Onboarding Solution.
  8. HR team submits UCPath hire transaction and funding entry as appropriate.
  9. CAO or delegate approves UCPath hire transaction and funding entry.
  10. UCPath processes hire template.
  11. New employee completes Tracker I-9 Section 1.
  12. HR team updates Onboarding Solution for IT to create email and AD.
  13. HR team updates Onboarding Solution with email and AD.
  14. Onboarding Solution automatically sends Welcome Letter to new employee.
  15. Prior to first day of work, HR team emails department-specific Welcome Email to new employee.
  16. On first day of work, HR team and new employee complete Oath (if applicable) and Tracker I-9 Section 2 using the Witness Ceremony in Onboarding Solution.
  17. HR team provides CAO with personnel file for new employee.

Process for Leaves of Absence

Every leave situation is unique. The HR team is available to provide guidance to CAOs and employees about eligibility, leave options, and pay options for any potential leave of absence.

In general, the HR team will manage the following tasks:

  1. Determine leave eligibility for employee and meet with them to provide information about their options, including impacts to pay and benefits.
  2. Complete all required paperwork for any type of leave, whether it is FML (FMLA/CFRA/PDLL), Supplemental FML, or another type.
  3. Complete UCPath transactions as necessary.
  4. Provide required benefits forms and information as needed.
  5. Follow up with employee during duration of leave.
  6. Confirm employee’s return to work date and complete UCPath transaction.

Process for Terminations (Transfers, Voluntary/Involuntary, Retirements)

The process for each type of termination varies. In general, the HR team will manage the following tasks:

  1. Confirm final day of work of employee.
  2. Process termination transaction in UCPath.
  3. Process final pay and accruals payout transaction in UCPath. 
  4. Provide general off-boarding information to employee (e.g. COBRA).

Departments are responsible for the return of keys, corporate cards, laptops, equipment, etc.

Process for Casual-Restricted Employees

Please note:

  • Per campus policy, all student employees must successfully complete a background check prior to beginning any work
  • The total recruitment process takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete

  1. Unit (CAO or faculty) contacts HR team to initiate recruitment and hiring process.
  2. HR team will gather information and submit Handshake recruitment for approval.
    1. If applicable, HR team will gather information for Exception Request.
    2. Information for Exception Request:
      1. Student’s full name
      2. Student’s PID
      3. Paragraph explaining the particular skills, knowledge, and abilities that justify an exception to an open recruitment.
      4. Brief description of job duties
  3. HR team will collect applications and provide them to hiring manager.
  4. Hiring manager interviews applicants (if required) and makes hiring decision(s).
  5. Hiring manager provides names of candidates to be hired to HR team.
  6. HR team contacts new employee to inform them of background check process.
  7. HR team submits background check request.
  8. If background check clears, HR team contacts new employee to verify personal information and discuss next steps.
  9. HR team initiates Onboarding Solution process with verified personal information.
  10. HR team submits UCPath hire transaction and funding entry as appropriate.
  11. CAO or delegate approves hire and funding.
  12. HR team completes Onboarding Solution process on new employee’s first day of work.
  13. HR team sends department-specific Welcome Email to new employee.
  14. HR team closes Onboarding Solution record.
  15. HR team provides quarterly updates to confirm continued employment of employees.
  16. HR team will terminate employees as needed.

Compliance Reporting

At the request of the CAO, the HR team will run the following reports for staff and casual-restricted student employees and provide follow ups as needed:

  • Default Day Report Tracking (monthly)
  • Jobs With Approaching End Dates (monthly)
  • UCLearning Training Compliance (monthly)
  • Patent and Oath Acknowledgements (quarterly)
  • Student Employee Registration (quarterly)

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