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Two Billion Reasons to Celebrate

info graphicFrom student scholarships to cancer vaccines, the Campaign for UC San Diego is changing lives

It was an ambitious and lofty goal. But for our university, overachieving is the norm.

When the Campaign for UC San Diego was launched in 2012, the focus of the 10-year, $2 billion comprehensive fundraising effort was to transform the student experience, our campus and, ultimately, the world. Now, UC San Diego has achieved the $2 billion milestone three years early—but we are not yet finished. Our 135,000 donors have created a powerful community that is driving fundraising momentum, and propelling us to continue our efforts to the conclusion of the campaign in 2022.

“The Campaign for UC San Diego is already transforming the university physically, intellectually and culturally,” said Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. “In seven years, we have expanded college access and affordability for underserved students, initiated campuswide interdisciplinary research initiatives to foster collaboration and solve societal challenges, and strengthened university and community partnerships to drive regional impact.

“With the three years remaining, imagine how many more innovators we can inspire, cures we can discover, and communities we can build with continued support,” added Khosla.

Charitable gifts to the Campaign for UC San Diego have impacted the campus in many ways, including the Institute for Practical Ethics.

Designer babies, driverless cars and modified mosquitoes may be boundary-breaking, but the moral quandaries these advances create can raise controversy. To help close the gap between the pace of innovation and society’s ability to deal with these advances responsibly, UC San Diego — one of the world’s greatest producers of technology, medical innovations and scientific knowledge — launched the Institute for Practical Ethics. Loyal campus donors Joel and Ann Reed provided $1 million to create an endowment for permanent support in the future.

Arts and Humanities Dean Cristina Della Coletta noted, “Through the Institute for Practical Ethics, UC San Diego is focusing efforts to ensure our curiosity will be matched by our empathy, and that scientific progress is responsive to the values and priorities of the communities it aims to serve. Good science is responsible, socially conscious science.”

After Khosla became UC San Diego Chancellor in 2012, he began the process of developing the campus’s first-ever strategic plan. A collective process, the plan encapsulated the mission, vision and goals for UC San Diego, providing a framework around which fundraising could coalesce. Through the vision of Chancellor Khosla, campus leadership and innovative faculty, along with a laser focus on the goals of the plan, we are experiencing an ongoing transformation supported by the Campaign for UC San Diego.

“By sharing this educational vision, and with support from donors, UC San Diego is taking its place as a key partner in our region and state,” said Dean Della Coletta. “As a public university, we have a duty to serve our diverse communities by educating future leaders as whole individuals equipped to transcend the boundaries between humanism and science, and between thinking and doing. Active participation from those who also envision a bettered society ultimately helps us all.”

Through the Campaign for UC San Diego, we are enhancing student support and success, enriching our campus, and redefining medicine and health care. Visit the Campaign for UC San Diego website to learn more.

Read the full story on the UC San Diego News Center. and explore the Top Philanthropic Impacts to Campus since FY 2012–2013.

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