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Events that Serve the Community

The UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities is committed to serving the campus community, as well as the greater San Diego community, with programs that push boundaries, challenge expectations, and drive innovation. Our programs help others understand the human condition and improve the common good by targeting excellence and articulating the distinctiveness of the arts and humanities at UC San Diego.

Featured Events

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April 7

The 23rd annual Triton 5K and Festival: Join The Division of Arts and Humanities team for students

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April 13

Triton Day for admitted first-year students is the opportunity to showcase UC San Diego and the Division

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April 24

The Institute for Practical Ethics presents “The Future of Nature: Conservation in the Anthropocene”

A Dream of Humanity

Welcome Reza to campus as a visiting artist under the Roghieh Chehre-Azad Distinguished Professorship. In April 2019, Reza will bring his unique voice and photography to campus, exploring “A Dream of Humanity.”

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View a Selection of this Month's Events from Across Campus

Through June 7: “EARTH/SKY” exhibition at the gallery@calit2

April 1: UC San Diego Earth Month Celebration Kick-off

April 1: Camera Lucida

April 3: Sixth College’s “Women in the Arts” 2018-2019 Event Series

April 3: Josh Levine Portrait Concert “Black Lives Matter”

April 4: JSA X NSU MATSURI 2019

April 4: University Centers Presents: “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”

April 5: “Measuring Beliefs’ Incorrectness” Philosophy colloquium with guest Ralph Wedgwood

April 5: Visual Arts Graduate Lecture Series with guest Lauren Mackler

April 5: Madison Greenstone, clarinets – Music Graduate Recital

April 5-6: Department of Literature Graduate Literature Conference

April 6: Music undergraduate honors concert: Remi Ha, piano

April 6-7, 11-13: Muir Musical Ensemble Presents: “HAIRSPRAY!”

April 7: Triton 5K

April 7: BlueRail at Conrad Prebys Music Center, part of Springfest 2019

April 7-14: Springfest: Experiments in Music

April 8: “What about Expertise? Climate Change, Territory and the Global South” with guest Sarah Vaughn (Science Studies Colloquium)

April 8: 2019 Katzin Lecture: “Shakespeare’s Shylock and The Legend of the Wandering Jew” (PDF)

April 8: “Power of Photography for Humanity” public presentation by Reza

April 8: Theatre and Dance Graduate Acting Class of 2019 Los Angeles Showcase

April 8-26: LGBT Resource Center Out and Proud series

April 9: UC San Diego Fulbright Day

April 9-11: Justin McHugh: “Memento Mori” (JPG), a solo show at the Adam D. Kamil Gallery

April 9 – May 9: “A Dream of Humanity” exhibition featuring work by Reza

April 10: “The Holocaust and the Human Rights Revolution: The Problem of Genocide Recognition Since the 1940s” with guest Dirk Moses

April 10: “Undesirables: Queering the History of U.S. Immigration Policy” (PDF) with guest Julio Capo

April 11: The Op-ed Project: Owning Expertise

April 11: Triton Firsts: First-Gen Journeys

April 11: UC San Diego 2019 Grad SLAM Final Round

April 11: Ethics in the Public Sphere with guest Joseph Carens, University of Toronto: “Immigration and Morality: Invitation to a Dialogue

April 11-12: Science Studies Colloquium with guest, student choice speaker Lorraine Daston

April 11-18: The 9th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase, co-sponsored by the Institute of Arts and Humanities

April 12:  “On the Relationship between Normative Claims and Empirical Realities in Immigration” Philosophy colloquium with guest Joseph Carens

April 13: Triton Day

April 13: Opening reception for “A Dream of Humanity” featuring guest artist Reza

April 13: Kirsten Ashley Wiest, soprano – Music Graduate Recital

April 15: Science Studies Colloquium with Sarah Fox, Department of Communication

April 15: “World Literature and the Urban Everyday: The Physiology as Travelling Genre (Paris, St. Petersburg, Tiflis)” with guest Harsha Ram

April 17: New Faculty Q&A Series with Ben Cowan, Department of History (PDF)

April 17: WEDS@7 featuring Susan Narucki, soprano

April 18: Arctic Immersion with Music’s Lei Liang

April 18: Muirstock 2019

April 18: “Art, Power and the Radical Imagination” featuring guest Favianna Rodriguez

April 18: Music Undergraduate Honors: Yixuan Shao, composition

April 18 – May 27: “ECCENTRICITY HAS ROOM” artists from the Visual Arts MFA Program UC San Diego, exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

April 19: Sammi Jo Stone, composition – Music Graduate Recital

April 23: Theatre and Dance Graduate Acting Class of 2019 New York City Showcase

April 24: 2019 Earth Month DIY Maker’s Day

April 24: “Gore Capitalism” discussion with guest Sayak Valencia

April 24: ArtPower presents Mokoomba

April 24: Institute for Practical Ethics presents “The Future of Nature: Conservation in the Anthropocene” with guest Emma Marris

April 24: WEDS@7 Palimpsest, curated by Steven Schick

April 25: Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture with guest, film editor Michael P. Shawver

April 26: ArtPower presents St. Lawrence String Quartet

April 27-29: San Diego Book Crawl 2019

April 29: Science Studies Colloquium with guest Megan Delehanty

April 30: 4th Annual Green Talks, hosted by Inter-Sustainability Council

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