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Events that Serve the Community

The UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities is committed to serving the campus community, as well as the greater San Diego community, with programs that push boundaries, challenge expectations, and drive innovation. Our programs help others understand the human condition and improve the common good by targeting excellence and articulating the distinctiveness of the arts and humanities at UC San Diego.

View a Selection of this Month's Events

May 17 – June 17: “Bodies in Trouble: Visual Arts MFA exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego”

May 29 – June 14: “Here and Now: Converging Histories” featuring Visual Arts undergraduate work

May 31 – June 3:  Alumni Weekend

June 1: Dirty Data: Destigmatizing Urinary Tract Infection, a one day exhibit

June 2: Music Undergrad Composition Juries

June 4, 2018: Institute of Arts and Humanities Pacific Studies presents “Acorns, Asphaltum, and Asymmetrical Exchange: Reevaluating Island Economies in Ancient California”

June 4: Monday Night Jazz: 95JC Jazz Ensembles

June 4: University Centers Presents Blabbermouth, a spoken-word event

June 5, 2018: “Why Destroy Yemen?: Roots to the World’s Greatest Humanitarian Catastrophe” with Isa Blumi

June 6: WEDS@7 Ensemble Pamplemousse + Line Upon Line

June 6: “Mazotos, Cyprus: A 4th BC Shipwreck Site by the Book?” presented by the Center for Hellenic Studies

June 6: Literature MFA graduates student readings

June 6 – 9: Theatre and Dance undergraduate theater production of “Peer Gynt”

June 7: “Performing Code Live” featuring data musician Shelly Knotts

June 7: Music Distinguished Lecture Series feature Jennifer Lynn Stoever

June 7 – 9: Theatre and Dance undergraduate dance production “New Directions 2018”

June 8: 53rd Annual Watermelon Drop

June 8: Music Telematics: San Diego, Seoul, NYC

June 8: Open Mic: Women of Color Activism

June 9: Rainbow Graduation

June 10: Music’s very first Undergrad Opera

June 12 – 14: Best of ICAM 2018, Visual Arts

June 14: of color — Talk and Walkthrough with Artist Katherine Agard

June 15: Black Graduation Ceremony

June 16: UC San Diego All Campus Commencement

June 20: Birch Aquarium Green Flash Concert: Steve Poltz


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