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Events that Serve the Community

The UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities is committed to serving the campus community, as well as the greater San Diego community, with programs that push boundaries, challenge expectations, and drive innovation. Our programs help others understand the human condition and improve the common good by targeting excellence and articulating the distinctiveness of the arts and humanities at UC San Diego.

Featured Events

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Nov. 28 | Gay Gothic

Guest Mark Dery discusses “The Screams We Make In Other People’s Dreams”: Edward Gorey, the Gay Gothic, and the Camp Macabre

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Nov. 28 | Beautiful Day

“A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes” directed by Vanessa Stalling runs through Dec. 8

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Dec. 7 | INDIGO

INDIGO, an interdisciplinary art exhibition, celebrates a diversity of interdisciplinary artistic practices at UC San Diego

View a Selection of this Month's Events from Across Campus

Nov. 1: When Yiddish Was Young: Vilna’s Last Generation, with guest Justin Cammy

Nov. 1: Music’s Fall Composition Jury Concert

Nov. 1 – 4: Muir Musical’s “tick, tick… BOOM!”

Nov. 2: Interrogating the Archive Colloquium

Nov. 2: Transviolet at The Loft

Nov. 2: Dia de los Muertos — Slice of America

Nov. 5: Anti-Racist Horizons: Zapatista Kuxlejal Politics and Indigenous Autonomy with guest Mariana Mora

Nov. 6: Conference for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH)

Nov. 6: From Macartney to May Fourth: The Intellectual Histories of the Sino-Western Encounter in Music

Nov. 6: DUCKWRTH w/ Deem Spencer & TRU at The Loft

Nov. 7: Carrie Mae Weems, MFA distinguished alum ‘84

Nov. 7: WEDS@7 Aleck Karis, piano

Nov. 7: Geisel After Dark 2018

Nov. 8: Life in Crazy Times: An American Internee in War-torn Europe, presented by the Holocaust Living History Workshop

Nov. 8: University Centers and Intertribal Resource Present “Wonder Woman” with special guest, actor Eugene Brave Rock

Nov. 8: National First-Generation Celebration Day

Nov. 9: Department of Music Grad Forum

Nov. 9: David Roussève/ REALITY | Halfway to Dawn

Nov. 12: An Evening with guests Cixin Liu and John Scalzi

Nov. 14: Beyond the Wall: The Aftermath of Deportation in Mexico, a Challenging Conversations event with Otros Dreams en Accion

Nov. 14: New Writing Series presents Manuel Paul Lopez

Nov. 14: Russell Lecture with Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego featuring Zackary Drucker

Nov. 15: Ethics in the Public Sphere: “Condemned to Tribalism? Us Versus Them in Contemporary America” with guest Allen Buchanan

Nov. 15: Filera, a trio including musicians Natalia Perez, Wilfrido Terrazas and Carmina Escobar, that share similar interests in contemporary/experimental music, improvised music and performance art.

Nov. 15: Burke Lectureship on Religion and Society, “May We Make the World? Religious and Ethical Questions — Gene Drives, Malaria and the Duties of History” by guest Laurie Zoloth

Nov. 16 – 24: “Mother Courage and Her Children,” graduate theater production

Nov. 18: Robert Zelickman & Friends — Chamber Music Recital

Nov. 19: Brain Death Uncertainty: Growing Challenges to Its Legal Status, part of the Biomedical Ethics Series

Nov. 19: Other Russias: Illustrating Contemporary Society – with guest Victoria Lomasko

Nov. 27 – Dec. 1: “Our Town,” an undergraduate theater production

Nov. 28: Rakugo by guest Tozaburo “Zabu” Yanagiya

Nov. 28: New Writing Series presents Marilyn Chin

Nov. 28: “The Screams We Make In Other People’s Dreams”: Edward Gorey, the Gay Gothic, and the Camp Macabre, featuring guest Mark Dery

Nov. 29: UC San Diego Gospel Choir

Nov. 30 – Dec. 8: “A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes,” a graduate theater production

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