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Events that Serve the Community

The UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities is committed to serving the campus community, as well as the greater San Diego community, with programs that push boundaries, challenge expectations, and drive innovation. Our programs help others understand the human condition and improve the common good by targeting excellence and articulating the distinctiveness of the arts and humanities at UC San Diego.

Featured Events

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March 23

Theatre and Dance graduate class of 2019 commencement ceremony, with designer portfolio presentation

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April 7

The 23rd annual Triton 5K and Festival: Join The Division of Arts and Humanities team for students

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April 13

Triton Day for admitted first-year students is the opportunity to showcase UC San Diego and the Division

A Dream of Humanity

Welcome Reza Deghati to campus as a visiting artist under the Roghieh Chehre-Azad Distinguished Professorship. In April 2019, Reza will bring his unique voice and photography to campus, exploring “A Dream of Humanity.”

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View a Selection of this Month's Events from Across Campus

Through March 15: “Reclaim! Remain! Rebuild! Posters on Affordable Housing, Gentrification & Resistance” Art Exhibit (PDF)

March 1: Dr. Seuss 115th Birthday Party

March 1: Cross-Wired Master Class presentation

March 1: Crossing Boundaries, An interdisciplinary performance featuring the work of students from UC San Diego’s Theatre and Dance, Music and Visual Arts departments

March 1: red fish blue fish: Xenakis’ Persephassa

March 1: Drag me to the wall! at the Che Café Collective

March 1 – 2: “The Misanthrope,” a graduate theater production

March 1 – 2: “Classical Women,” an undergraduate theater production

March 1 – 3: Centering the Margins - Conversations with writers of color

March 1: 24th Annual UC San Diego Inclusive Awards

March 2: 12th annual Visual Arts Ph.D. symposium and 2019 Graduate Open Studios

March 3: Fusion XIX Kickoff

March 4: Totem — Song for Home

March 4: Evidence and the Scientific Method: Rigor vs. Use workshop

March 4: Making Up Minds: Reasoning, Proof, and Computing in the Postwar United States with guest Stephanie Dick (Science Studies Colloquium)

March 5: Invalid Modernism: Disability and the Missing Body of the Aesthetic

March 6: Impact of Lithium Mining in Indigenous Communities of the Andeas, with professor Luis Marti­n-Cabrera

March 6: The James K. Binder Lectureship in Literature presents: “Queen of Flowers and Pearls,” a performance by guest Gabriella Ghermandi (reception to follow)

March 6: Gene-drive before CRISPR - the Evolutionary ABCs

March 7: “Reinterpreting Political Violence in the 20th Century, Europe: A Comparative Perspective” (PDF) with guest Julian Casanova

March 7: “Women and Children First: The Earliest Evidence for Ancient Greek Body Amulets” (PDF) with guest Christopher Faraone

March 7: Artist’s Talk (PDF) with Chris E. Vargas, executive director of the Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art

March 7: ArtPower presents Vijay Iyer and Matt Haimovitz

March 7 – June 7: EARTH/SKY, works by Heba Y.Amin, Femke Herregraven, and Susan Schuppli, with reception March 7

March 8: Department of Visual Arts graduate lecture series, with guest Brittany Ransom

March 8: Technoscience and Political Algorithms (PDF) conference

March 8: “Translation as a Bridge? Ideological Encounters Between Israeli & American Jewish Cultures” (PDF) with guest Dr. Omri Asscher

March 8: Bass Ensembles

March 8 – 16: “Everybody Black,” the annual Quinn Martin production

March 9: Department of Music Undergrad Forum

March 10: Julia Holter at The loft

March 11: Humanism and the Academy: Can We Speak of Humanism Again Today? with guest Kieran Durkin (Science Studies Colloquium)

March 11: Department of Music Voice Students concert

March 11: Monday Night Jazz

March 12: Gospel Choir concert

March 12: Imaginaries & Iconographies: South Asian Modernisms and a Dalit Expressionism (PDF) with guest Saurabh Dube

March 12, 13: ArtPower presents Alfredo Rodríguez & Pedrito Martinez

March 13: Department of Music World Music Students

March 13: UC San Diego Bach Ensemble

March 14: Translocative Realities by Margaret Dolinsky, with hosts Jurgen Schulze and Michael Trigilio

March 14: Piano Studio Recital

March 14: Chamber Singers Concert

March 14: UC San Diego Wind Ensemble

March 14, 15, 16: winterWORKS 2019, an undergraduate dance performance

March 18: Prefiguring the End User: Gendered Labor, Crises of Authority, and Commercial Networked Database Services in Midcentury United States with guest Monika Sengul-Jones (Science Studies Colloquium)

March 18: Annual Vassiliadis Lecture: “Yearning to See God: Early Byzantine Art, Theology, and Science,” with guest Laura Nasrallah

March 20: Department of Music Introduction to Composition concert

March 23: Department of Theatre and Dance MFA and Ph.D. Class of 2019 Graduation Ceremony

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