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The UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities is committed to serving the campus community, as well as the greater San Diego community, with programs that push boundaries, challenge expectations, and drive innovation. Our programs help others understand the human condition and improve the common good by targeting excellence and articulating the distinctiveness of the arts and humanities at UC San Diego.

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April 23 | Literature Talk

In "Inheritance Trouble: Migrant Archives of Holocaust Remembrance," guest Michael Rothberg considers immigrant engagement with the Holocaust

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April 27 | Bradford Young

The Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture series launches with cinematographer Bradford Young, best known for his work on "Selma" and "Arrival"

April 27 | In the Diaspora

Part of UC San Diego's celebration of Cesar Chavez, we welcome two Chilean women artists who came to the U.S. during during the military dictatorship

Monday, April 23

Join us 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. for the "After the West: Rethinking John Muir" symposium and 5 p.m. keynote "On John Muir's Trail" by Donald Worster, part of UC San Diego's John Muir College 50th Anniversary Celebration.


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April 12: "Agonistic Harmony and Transformation" with Martha Gonzalez, organized by the Institute of Arts and Humanities

April 12: "The Agency of Art" opening reception for the Department of Visual Arts

April 12 and 13: “Purely Academic: Stage Reading,” cosponsored by the Institute for Practical Ethics

April 14: “The Future of Brazil” featuring Brazil former president Dilma Rousseff

April 17: "Fake News?: Post-Truth & the Politics of Authenticity since the Cold War,” an Institute of Arts and Humanities Challenging Conversation

April 18: Center for Hellenic Studies film screening and discussion of “Iphigenia: Book of Change”

April 19: The Institute for Practical Ethics presents Addressing the Practical Ethics of Today's Innovation, featuring special lecture "Can We, Should We, and Will We Bring Back Mammoths?"

April 19: The Continuous Clapback, Part II: The Legacy of Local Activism, organized by the African American Studies Program

April 20: Skepticism and Quietism about Meaning and Normativiy

April 20: Karis, Carlson, and Nicolas in concert

April 23: John Muir College 50th Anniversary Celebration symposium and keynote by Donald Worster

April 23: Inheritance Trouble: Migrant Archives of Holocaust Remembrance

April 26: Department of History Burke Lectureship on Religion and Society featuring Rev. Traci deVon Blackman

April 27: "Chilenas in the Diaspora: Culture, Resistance, and Hope"

April 27: Bradford Young: Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture

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