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Preparing Accomplished Transfers to the Humanities

What Is PATH?

PATH is a collaborative program between the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) and the University of California, San Diego to help provide guidance to transfer students studying arts and humanities.

Who Is It For?

The program is for transfer students from a City, Mesa or Miramar College who have been accepted into UC San Diego, with a major in the Arts and Humanities.

How Does It Work?

Transfer students apply for the PATH program after receiving their acceptance to UC San Diego. Students accepted into the PATH program receive benefits not otherwise available to them at 2 time periods; during the summer before starting at UC San Diego and during the school year while at UC San Diego. All students in the program participate in a 5-week summer academy prior to their first quarter, which plays a crucial role in helping students acclimate to campus and the workload. During the Summer Academy students take classes and earn credits, meet weekly with peer mentors, attend career and campus workshops, enjoy group activities, receive a stipend for participating and more! During the school year, PATH students are offered special job and internship opportunities, receive faculty mentoring and more.

What Is The Cost?

The program is FREE for all students, thanks to a generous grant funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Students have ZERO out of pocket expenses during the Summer Academy- tuition, books, parking passes, campus dining dollars and the opportunity to live on campus during the Summer Academy, are included. The grant aims to educate a new generation of thoughtful leaders who will reshape the meaning of the humanities in the 21st century!

Go to PATH Website

Visit the PATH HUB for additional information on the program.

Students can register for the Academy as soon as they receive their acceptance and decide to attend UC San Diego.

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Laura Martin, senior program manager,, (858)534-0966
Danny Widener, Summer Academy director, Associate Professor of History,
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Mellon Foundation