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Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students and their Families

Where can I get information about all the majors you offer?

The best source of information about the majors offered within the school is through the various academic departments themselves. See a listing of departments as well as inter-disciplinary academic programs within the School of Arts and Humanities.

Do you offer a class in X?

The school is not responsible for setting the course offerings of the departments within the division. Please consult the department pages for information regarding course offerings. See the different departments within the School of Arts and Humanities.

My son/daughter says they don't have enough credits to graduate, what classes do they need to take?

Each department, and not the school, is responsible for creating the required curricula of their majors. The best way to find out about what classes students need to take is from the undergraduate advisors of each department. Find information about the department and advisor.

I have a grade and/or course related complaint about my TA and/or Professor; can I talk to the Dean?

The dean of the School of Arts and Humanities cannot get involved in student grade issues. Students concerned about grade and/or course related should take them up first with their respective professors and/or TA’s and/or supervising professors, and only then pursue the matter with either their department or dean of Undergraduate Studies. 

I have a non-grade and/or non-course related complaint about my TA and/or Professor; can I talk to the Dean?

The dean cannot get involved in TA actions.  The dean can, howeve,r consider speaking with students that have non-grade and/or non-course related complaints about their professor if the issue cannot be resolved at the departmental level, either with the professor themselves or the department chair.