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The Division of Arts and Humanities in the News

Programs, alumni and current students in the Division of Arts and Humanities are often featured in the news. Faculty members, in particular, are sought out for their expert opinion, offering guidance and insight to help understand current news and events.


News Highlights

Culture Report: What Arts Can Teach Scientists, and Vice-Versa

Della Coletta and guest

This year, UC San Diego’s Institute of Arts and Humanities received its largest-ever National Endowment for the Humanities award. The $750,000 matching grant will help fund the 2-year-old institute’s new home, which broke ground this past June. UC San Diego is one of the first institutions to receive this particular funding.

“They’re going to use our proposal as a model for others in the future,” said Cristina Della Coletta, dean of UC San Diego’s Division of Arts and Humanities, which encompasses the institute.

It’s hard to discuss the arts at UC San Diego without also questioning what it means for arts to exist in a science-centric institution, but Della Coletta wants to overcome that “either/or” assumption. Rather than pitting science against the arts, she hopes the institute will help UC San Diego to “educate the whole individual.”

“The arts and humanities have a lot to offer the sciences,” Della Coletta said. “We need more humanists.”

The new building will be the first endeavor in UC San Diego history to bring all the humanities together, and the hope is to not only proliferate a more cohesive curricula and collaboration among the faculty, but also stronger public programming. And with it, a unified approach to receiving funding.

It’s paying off so far.

Luis Alvarez, director of the Institute of Arts and Humanities and a professor of history, used additional UC funding to develop a new oral storytelling initiative, The Race and Oral History Project, dedicated to preserving San Diego’s diverse stories.

Read the full Voice of San Diego article

Lasting Impacts of WWI

History professor Michael Provence details the results of the 100-year-old armistice on the Middle East

Listen to the story

Festival of New Plays

Theatre and Dance playwriting students Lily Padilla, Dave Harris and Emily Feldman will each have pieces at the festival

Read the full story

What Writers Really Think

Keith McCleary of Literature weighs in on the annual National Novel Writing Month: it feeds into instant gratification culture

Read the full story

Recent News Clips

Appointment of Professor Susan Narucki as Inaugural Director of Arts and Community Engagement
Department of Music Professor Susan Narucki will be serving as the inaugural director of Arts and Community Engagement, a new initiative from the Division of Arts and Humanities. Arts and Community Engagement is housed within the Institute of Arts and Humanities, and its goal is to connect students, faculty, alumni, staff and the greater community in a variety of performance, program and academic activities that highlight art as a means of fostering broader cultural dialogue and civic engagement.

Retaking the Stage: What Artists Can Be In Our Society
Susan Narucki, Lei Liang and Steven Schick of Music are all interviewed for this New Music USA feature, stemming from Narucki and Liang’s latest opera, “Inheritance.”

Craig Callender - What is time?
Philosophy professor, Institute for Practical Ethics co-director and all-around time expert Craig Callender is interviewed by Radio New Zealand.

Political Lessons from the Past
Latest research from UC San Diego History professor Edward J. Watts on the fall of the Roman Republic gives insight and warning to modern times. Media coverage included The Economist, the History News Network and Voice of San Diego, among others. It was also named a “Good History Read” by World Magazine.

Smells Like Zine Spirit: A DIY Festival For Students, By Students
Literature affiliated faculty member Melissa Bañales helped guide students through the process of producing and distributing their own work “to promote independence in an increasingly strained publishing world,” Triton News reports.

Past, Present and Future Collide in ‘The Year to Come’ at La Jolla Playhouse
“Director Anne Kauffman, an MFA alumna of Theatre and Dance, keeps the pace and timing lively and sprightly,” the Times of San Diego says.

Notable Performances and Recordings of 2018
The New Yorker’s recent roundup list by famed critic Alex Ross highlights several Music faculty members and recent alumni. He was “shaken” by Ph.D. graduate Tina Tallon’s “… for we who keep our lives in our throats … .” Distinguished Professor Steven Schick’s performance of “Inuksuit” at the U.S.-Mexico border in January gets special mention. Under notable recordings, the reviewer highlights the work alumni Anna Thorvaldsdottir and the solo work of cellist and professor Charles Curtis.

La Jolla Playhouse’s compelling ‘The Year to Come’ a grand family story set on rewind
“But the sharp-witted and acutely observant Ferrentino pulls it off beautifully, with a big boost from eight strong actors plus the off-Broadway ace (and Theatre and Dance alumni) Anne Kauffman’s fluid, syncopated direction,” the Union-Tribune says of the latest La Jolla Playhouse production.

Philanthropy Sparks Novel Research
Faculty member Dana Velasco Murillo, an associate professor of History whose research focuses on recovering the histories of native peoples and women in early Latin America, thanked the Hellman Fellowship Fund for supporting her work.

National Sawdust Announces Wide Ranging 2019 FERUS Festival
The festival will include the world premiere of Music professor Katharina Rosenberger’s multisensory interdisciplinary project, “Folds.”

Staying Current with the International Contemporary Ensemble
The most convincing piece was Music alumni Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s Sequences, the San Francisco Classical Voice reports.

TuYo Theatre aims to reinvigorate Latinx theater in San Diego
Peter Cirino, Theatre and Dance alumni, gathered with four fellow TuYo co-leaders to talk to the Union-Tribune about the launch of their new, Latinx-centered company.

Artist Talk and Conversation with 2018-2020 Vera List Center Fellows
Visual Arts alumni Dean Erdmann is one of two fellows for the Vera List Center, speaking here about their work (video).

Music Mountain offers cool jazz, hot classics for weekend
Susan Narucki of Music is included.

Sarton Chair holder 2018-2019
Robert S. Westman is the 2018 - 2019 Sarton Chair and recipient of the Sarton Medal in the History of Science at the University of Ghent, Belgium. Given in recognition of lifetime achievement, Westman is the first UC San Diego scholar to receive this distinction. The chair is named after George Sarton, the founder of the journal Isis and co-founder of the History of Science Society. As this year’s Sarton Chair, Westman gave two public lectures in Ghent on Oct. 11 and 12. Westman joined the UC San Diego Department of History in 1988, after 19 years at UCLA and was one of the founders of UC San Diego’s Science Studies Program, now housed within the Institute of Arts and Humanities.

The (R)evolution of Mark Dresser
“He’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met,” says Music’s Anthony Davis about his colleague and artist, Mark Dresser, in the San Diego Troubador.

New-music cellist Judith Hamann shakes up the repertoire
Charles Curtis of Music is included in the Chicago Reader’s summary of alumni Judith Hamann.

Lineup Announced For Night Of 100 Solos: A Centennial Event
Professor Stephanie Richards, graduate students Suzanne Thorpe and Madison Greenstone — all from Music — will create the live score for the April 16 event.

Complete Cast and Creative Team Announced for San Diego REP’s production of Julia Cho’s AUBERGINE
Todd Salovey of Theatre and Dance is now in his 29th season with The San Diego REP and will direct one of their latest.

This week: concerts in New York (December 10, 2018 – December 16, 2018)
Composer Anthony Davis of Music present two sets of music built on complex rhythms and modulating textures, I Care if You Listen reports.

Murals of La Jolla
Triton magazine digs deep into the Murals of La Jolla project, finding many public work done by Visual Arts alumni.

Orchestra conducting holiday concert Sunday
Music alumni Glenn Block is announced as guest conductor for the Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra.

San Diego poet Marilyn Chin cherishes renegade role: ‘My poems are rebellious’
Literature’s New Writing Series was featured in the Union-Tribune.

La Jolla Playhouse’s ‘Year to Come’ looks back to see where we are now
The Union-Tribune interviewed Theatre and Dance alumni Anne Kauffman, director of the current La Jolla Playhouse production.

The Show Must Go On: Student-Run Production of Tartuffe Triumphs Over Hurdles
Triton News reports on the student production, “Tartuffe,” speaking with Theatre and Dance affiliates.

What It’s Like to Be a Philosopher: Manuel Vargas
The APA blog gives a teaser to the Q&A with Manuel Vargas of Philosophy, to be published in its entirety on the What it’s Like to Be a Philosopher website. “My heart was set on going to grad school at UC San Diego,” Vargas said. “Naturally, they rejected me. This was the start of a 25-year master plan to exact my revenge on them by getting hired there.”

Q&A with filmmaker and activist Michael Carnick
“If there were more stories about or from disabled people, it would be a giant step towards removing the stigma behind chronic illness,” said Theatre and Dance undergraduate alumni Michael Carnick.

La Jolla Playhouse unveils four shows — including a pair of world premieres — in 2019-20 season lineup
“Cambodian Rock Band” by Theatre and Dance alumni Lauren Yee is included in the Playhouse’s new season.

The road to enhancement, via human gene editing, is paved with good intentions
Institute for Practical Ethics co-director John Evans pens this feature for The Conversation, following news out of China.

From intern to teacher, local musician teaches music to kids at arts non-profit
Undergraduate Music composition student Diego Rodriguez and his work with nonprofit ARTS are featured in the Union-Tribune.

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for these San Diego gifts that just keep on giving
Pulitzer-prize winning poet and Literature professor emeriti Rae Armantrout, whose new collection “Wobble” was a finalist for the 2018 National Book Award in poetry, was included in this Union-Tribune column.

Young People’s Concert
La Jolla Symphony and Chorus Host and conductor Steven Schick of Music and the orchestra perform annotated excerpts from the 2018 season, broadcast on UCTV.

Track premiere: ICE Performs Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s Illumine
Led by Steven Schick of Music, alumni Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s latest is performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble.

The Visual Representation of the US/Mexico Border Wall in the Media
Teddy Cruz of Visual Arts and political scientist Fonna Forman, participate in this web-streamed discussion.

Martha Rosler: Irrespective At The Jewish Museum, New York
Forbes looks into Visual Arts alumni Martha Rosler’s latest.

Francis Jue To Star In KING OF THE YEES at San Francisco Playhouse
Playwright Lauren Yee and director Joshua Kahan Brody, both Theatre and Dance alumni, come together for this San Francisco production.

UCSD in Partnership to Bring High-Tech Contemporary Art to Balboa Park
The opening on Nov. 30 of “Rising Tide,” is an interactive visual and sound installation by San Diego-based artist and Music graduate student Jacob Sundstrom.

Fil-Am director Jennifer Chang on her two plays, her challenges, and making it in Hollywood
If you look at the entertainment scene in Los Angeles, there are two plays that are currently showing almost at the same time and are both being directed by the same director, Jennifer Chang of Theatre and Dance.

Lessons in the Decline of Democracy from the Ruined Roman Republic
A new book by History professor Edward J. Watts argues that violent rhetoric and disregard for political norms was the beginning of Rome’s end, the Smithsonian Magazine reports. “If you believe your republic will last forever, then doing things like not holding a vote on something essential for three years—you don’t see the problem in that, necessarily,” Watts said to

The 43rd Annual Humana Festival of American New Plays Lineup
Theatre and Dance playwriting students Lily Padilla, Dave Harris and Emily Feldman will each have pieces produced at the 2019 Humana Festival.

How to Develop Your Profound Voice
Artist and Visual Arts alum Carrie Mae Weems ’84 meets with students across campus, giving a ‘great challenge’ to be engaged for the future.

Theater Classics, New Work Define Upcoming Season at UC San Diego
Department of Theatre and Dance opens 2018 – 2019 season Nov. 16 with “Mother Courage and Her Children

UC San Diego Undergrads Design New Birch Aquarium Exhibit
The EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio is a hybrid lab and classroom that provides undergraduate engineering and Visual Arts students with a space where theoretical coursework and hands-on experience intersect.

What San Diego Writers Really Think of NaNoWriMo
“I think the problem with NaNoWriMo is that it sort of feeds into instant gratification culture,” Keith McCleary of Literature said. The Voice of San Diego weekly also featured Theatre and Dance’s upcoming season.

Wong Fu Productions talk Asian struggles, new series
Visual Arts alum Wesley Chan stated that he wanted to become a graphic designer as soon as he entered UC San Diego. “What [our parents] think is successful revolves around stability,” Chan said.

LITVAKdance: telling human stories through movement
Eric Geiger of Theatre and Dance described the theme for “Constant Trio” as movement that demands “responsible citizenship by making space for otherness.”

Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny
History professor Edward J. Watts released his latest research, “Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny.” Watts participated in two podcasts: New Books Network and Robin Hood Radio.

‘Transparent’ Producer To Discuss Her Work And Its Impact At UC San Diego
Zackary Drucker speaks to KPBS Midday Edition ahead of her public talk, part of the Visual Arts speaker series.

UC San Diego Professor Discusses Lasting Impacts Of World War I
Sunday was the 100th anniversary of the armistice between Germany and the allied forces that ended the First World War. History professor Michael Provence details the results of that armistice on the Middle East, to KPBS Midday Edition.

Passionate and intense, Steven Schick makes dramatic music with water in Tan Dun’s marvelous concerto
The San Diego Union-Tribune calls Music professor Steven Schick's latest La Jolla Symphony and Chorus performance “passionate and intense.” Students Fiona Digney and Rebecca Lloyd-Jones are also included in the review. 

Luis Alberto Urrea - Dinner in the Library
San Diego-raised novelist and Literature alum Luis Alberto Urrea ‘77 was the featured speaker at the UC San Diego Library annual gala. Watch his talk.

Martha Rosler Isn’t Done Making Protest Art
The Visual Arts alum and artist’s work has been canonized, and feminist slogans are enshrined on T-shirts, but where does that leave her? A retrospective at the Jewish Museum takes us on her journey, the New York Times writes.

Culture Report: Art and Design’s Crucial Role in Elections
Digging into the efficacy of political design is, ultimately, a dismal task: “I can tell you there’s a big difference between ‘good’ and ‘effective,’” said History alum Tom Shepard, former mayor of Del Mar and decorated political consultant.

Jefferson Mays On Always Looking For the Next Terror, Wonder & Joy of His Profession
Theatre and Dance alum Jefferson Mays talks with Broadway World about his latest, “A Christmas Carol.” 

Ethical Boundaries of Research with Human Embryos
In this Exploring Ethics series on UCTV, Institute for Practical Ethics co-director John Evans leads a lively Q&A on medical research. 

Can Engaging with Contemporary Social Issues Save the Opera?
Next City reports: Meanwhile, on the West Coast, opera is taking an even more socially-engaged turn. From Oct. 24 to 27, a group at University of California San Diego mounted “Inheritance,” a new opera about Sarah Winchester. Producer Susan Narucki of Music says the idea was “to try to find a way to have the past speak to the present” by juxtaposing scenes from Winchester’s life with those of a modern school shooting.

The Hum of Humanities is in the Air: Day 1
PATH student Zach Young recounts his first day at the CUNY Humanities Alliance conference.

‘Inheritance’ Chamber Opera Uses Art and Music to Address a Complex Social Issue
Using legendary story of Sarah Winchester, Music professors stage timely world-premiere about gun violence in America. As a follow up, Susan Narucki and Lei Liang answer the question “What is Chamber Opera, Anyway?“ They show how to tell stories through opera in this video, as well. Media coverage included San Diego CityBeat, the Union-Tribune, twice in La Jolla Light, the Rancho Santa Fe Review, San Diego Magazine and a special segment on KPBS Midday Edition. Reviews came in from the Union-Tribune and San Diego Story.

UC San Diego Has Record-setting Year with $1.2B in Research Funding
The Division of Arts and Humanities received its largest-ever National Endowment for the Humanities award, reported in this summary from UC San Diego.

Culture Report: What Arts Can Teach Scientists, and Vice-Versa
Voice of San Diego came to campus to speak to Dean Cristina Della Coletta and History professor Luis Alvarez, part of their coverage highlighting the division’s National Endowment for the Humanities grant. The story included the Institute of Arts and Humanities-led Race and Oral History Project.

How Carrie Mae Weems Rewrote the Rules of Image-Making
Perhaps our best contemporary photographer, Weems creates work that insists on the worth of black women — both in art and in life, the New York Times writes of the Visual Arts alum.

Celebrated Alum Carrie Mae Weems Returns to UC San Diego as Part of Dynamic Visual Arts Speaker Series
Longenecker Roth artist in residence Anna Sew Hoy, independent artist Zackary Drucker, and critic and essayist Mark Dery round out fall quarter guests for Visual Arts.

Fil-Am helms San Diego Rep’s sexual assault drama
Led by Jesca Prudencio, Dallas DeLeon and Emily Shain, all Theatre and Dance alumni, are featured in this story highlighting the latest production at San Diego Repertory. San Diego Magazine also covered the production.

San Diego’s Top Weekend Events: From Dancing Bears To ‘Killer Tomatoes’
UC San Diego Homecoming Weekend made the news, with this KPBS Midday Edition preview of a film screening featuring History alum John DeBello.

New Gallery Exhibition at the UC San Diego Qualcomm Institute Turns Warfare into Art
The gallery@calit2 held its fall 2018 opening event on Oct. 25, Sarah Hankins and Shahrokh Yadegari of Music, among others.

Jerome Rothenberg: Talking with David Antin
The first accounting of a friendship, written by Literature and Visual Arts emeritus professor Jerome Rothenberg about former colleague David Antin.

He said, she squirmed: The pickup artist game that is the talk of IndieCade and may help us communicate better
Angela Washko, a Visual Arts alum, is featured in the Los Angeles Times.

Writer Aruna D’Sousa and UCSD Professor Nicole Miller visit Mesa College
Visual Arts professor Nicole Miller participates in outreach, the Mesa Press reports.

UC San Diego Department Of Theatre And Dance Presents MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN
The next graduate production of Theatre and Dance is highlighted.

Kim Walsh Directs OUR TOWN at UC San Diego
Theatre and Dance’s undergraduate production is included in Broadway World.

The Climate Has Already Changed. Is UCSD Doing Enough?
Music graduate student Peter Sloan begins an opinion series for the student news organization.

The Clarinets — Anthony Burr, Oscar Noriega and Chris Speed — reuniting for first show in five years
How rare are concerts by The Clarinets, the all-star trio of Anthony Burr, Oscar Noriega and Chris Speed? “I’m guessing it’s been about five years since we played a show,” said Burr of Music to the Union-Tribune ahead of their concert.

Words Alive’s Author’s Luncheon To Feature Author Mary Kubica
Kubica will discuss her life, writing and forthcoming novel, “When the Lights Go Out,” in conversation with Seth Lerer of Literature.

Pinar Yoldas creates designer babies based on characteristics of Greek gods and goddesses
Visual Arts professor Pinar Yoldas participated in the 2018 Istanbul Design Biennial.

All-star Tiger Trio set to make area concert debut at UC San Diego
Few current bands boast as much dizzying talent and artistic vision as Tiger Trio, which teams flutist Nicole Mitchell, pianist Myra Melford and French bassist Joëlle Léandre, writes George Varga in the San Diego Union-Tribune, about a Music concert.

Arts & Humanities Awarded With Significant Grant
The UCSD Guardian included the recent National Endowment for the Humanities grant to the Division in their news coverage.

Rubén Ortiz Presents ‘Mexipunx’: A Photography Exhibition Held at OPC
Visual Arts professor Ruben Ortiz’s exhibition in Mexico.

La Jolla Playhouse’s ‘Hundred Days’ a compelling, cathartic musical saga of coming to terms with life’s limits
Theatre and Dance alum Anne Kauffman directs this La Jolla Playhouse production, reviewed by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Chamber Opera Addressing Gun Violence to Receive World Premiere at UC San Diego
Produced by Grammy Award-winning soprano Susan Narucki of Music, “Inheritance” uses legendary story of Sarah Winchester to spark discussion about guns in today’s culture. Lei Liang of Music composed the original score, with libretto by poet Matt Donovan of Smith College. Reed Family Presidential Chair Steven Schick serves as music director, with graduate students Hillary Jean Young and Kirsten Ashley Wiest performing.

Schooling the System
School principal Jason Babineau ’07 of History is on a mission to disrupt generations of educational inequities. Babineau is also included in Triton magazine’s feature on The Preuss School, “The Campus on Campus.”

Rae Armantrout longlisted for National Book Award in poetry
Rae Armantrout, a longtime Literature professor, was named among 10 finalists for the 2018 National Book Award in poetry. She was selected for her collection “Wobble,” which is due to be published Nov. 6. Armantrout was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times and KQED as well.

MFA Artist Heejung Shin Named First David Antin Prize Winner at UC San Diego
Visual Arts graduate uses gender and language to explore immigrant experience in performance and video.

For theater artist and educator Naomi Iizuka, 'America is much bigger than this little pool I grew up in'
“So I think I had from a pretty early age an awareness that the world was big. And to some degree mysterious. And I was really curious about knowing more,” Iizuka of Theatre and Dance told the Union-Tribune.

Initiative for Digital Exploration of Arts and Sciences (IDEAS) Issues Call for Proposals for the 2018-2019 Performance Season
“Preparing for an upcoming season of IDEAS here at the Qualcomm Institute is always exciting,” said Music professor Shahrokh Yadegari, who directs the program. Oct. 22 is the deadline for proposals, open to faculty, students, staff and alumni.

The Persian fusion of Sibarg Ensemble use 12th Century poetry to create melodies
Music alum Kyle Motl, Niloufar Shiri and Hesam Abedini, Ph.D. candidate Josh Charney, and recording engineer Andrew Munsey are included in this feature.

Film screening to highlight San Diego immigrant stories
The independent film, “Letters from Our Elders,” by the Buenpaso Collective, seeks to connect the story of the director’s grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, with stories of today’s immigrants. The collective was founded by Visual Arts alumni while students.

Ellen Weller discovers a new, more enlightened and welcoming scene at UC San Diego
Music Ph.D. alum Ellen Weller also teaches at Palomar College.

International journalist has local roots
From the killing fields of Cambodia to the cramped baseball stadiums of the Kentucky bush leagues, journalist and Literature alum Katya Cengel has had unique travel experiences, always bringing her readers along with her.

San Diego Symphony and music wunderkind Matthew Aucoin unveil 'Hearing the Future' festival lineup
Music’s Stephanie Richards and ensemble kalisti featured in January’s festival.

Perry Vásquez at the ‘Gates of Heck’
Local artist and Visual Arts alum turns his love of comics and more into a multimedia series of works.

The Chief Historian 
What makes a changemaker? Triton magazine talks to History alum Police Chief David Livingstone, PhD ’18.

Fall arts preview 2018: Top 10 theater picks this season
Theatre and Dance alum Anne Kauffman had two director gigs for the La Jolla Playhouse featured in the Union-Tribune’s fall preview.

Our Immigrant Story
Lei Liang of Music is featured in the Union-Tribune’s extensive coverage of immigrants in our region.

Fall arts preview 2018: Top 10 classical music picks this season
Music’s Susan Narucki and Lei Liang’s “Inheritance” made the preview list for the Union-Tribune.

‘Inheritance’ examines gun violence via a multimedia chamber opera
Susan Narucki and Lei Liang of Music are interviewed by San Diego CityBeat.

UC San Diego is the First Aira-Enabled University in the United States
Music and Visual Arts student Jimmy Cong helped test the product for blind and low-visual members of campus. The Union-Tribune was one of the first to report.

‘Bridging Chasms’ aims to boost communication, understanding in our fractured times
Roger Reynolds, a Music composer and professor, believes the current differences in our economic, racial, cultural and religious outlooks are unprecedented, and they’re destabilizing society. He’d like to fix that, one conversation at a time. His project is called “Bridging Chasms.” It will bring small groups of recognized experts from different disciplines together over the course of a weekend to talk about the things they care about the most. And to listen.

Intersecting humanities: The transfer experience between community colleges and universities
Division dean Cristina Della Coletta asks if universities are ready to meet the needs that transfer students bring, highlighting on the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in the humanities.

Master Storyteller and UC San Diego Alumnus Luis Alberto Urrea to Speak at UC San Diego Library
The border author and Literature alum returns to campus late September.

Composer Integrates Music and Science in New UC San Diego Residency
News of Lei Liang’s residency at Qualcomm Institute was included in Times of San Diego. The Music composer’s appointment is for three years.

Culture Report: A New Theater Company’s ‘Radically Inclusive Programming’
The Voice of San Diego Culture Report lead story featured Blindspot Collective‘s newest production, “Qulili.” With support from Theatre and Dance professor Julie Burelle, Ph.D. student Alison Urban, “Qulili” includes MFA acting student Allyn Anthony Moriyon on stage with alumni Sofia Zaragoza ‘18 as production manager and Monique Gaffney ‘93 as voice/dialect coach. The Union-Tribune also featured the production.

Finale Concert 2018 Highlights - UC San Diego Jazz Camp
With support from Music, the UC San Diego Jazz Camp concert aired on University of California Television.

The FLUX Quartet: SummerFest’s Powerful Champions of the Avant Garde
San Diego Story included mention of Music’s Rand Steiger and Lei Liang, who had work featured in this year’s SummerFest. Times of San Diego also reported on the concerts, highlighting Steiger’s work and a reception at the Audrey Geisel University House.

Weird tunings, electronic accordion and post-modern jazz group impress at Carlsbad Music Festival
Music professor and artist Stephanie Richards performed at this year’s Carlsbad Music Festival, the Union-Tribune reports.

Lei Liang Awarded First Research Artist in Residence at UC San Diego Qualcomm Institute
Music professor and composer to focus on integrating art, science and technology in three-year residency.

 With New Urgency, Museums Cultivate Curators of Color
The New York Times features Visual Arts alum Rujeko Hockley: “‘It’s a really exciting moment and hopefully not a moment,’ said Ms. Hockley, one of two curators selected to organize the 2019 Whitney Biennial.”

Want to make six figures? Try being a drone pilot
Visual Arts alum Elena Buenrostro forges a career as a drone pilot.

Jury of peers?
Lei Liang and Anthony Davis of Music caught up on their respective work… at jury duty, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Nominations Announced for 2018 Chicago Area Jeff Awards
The Chicago-area Jeff Awards, recognizing the work of Equity productions in the Chicago area, have announced nominations for the 2017–2018 season and include Theatre and Dance professor Vanessa Stalling for directing and alum Ian Bedford for acting.

Small-scale affordable housing project keeps San Ysidro community in mind
“We want to integrate [the church] because of the huge historical significance in the community. It’s seen as an icon in San Ysidro,” said Visual Arts professor Teddy Cruz to the Union-Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

Department of Philosophy Professor Wins 2018 Lakatos Award
Craig Callender of Philosophy and co-director of the Institute for Practical Ethics honored for his research ‘What Makes Time Special?’

‘Black Radical Women’ Exhibition At The ICA Seeks To Correct The Record
Visual Arts professor emerita Faith Ringgold, and alumni Lorna Simpson and Carrie Mae Weems at ICA Boston, featured in WBUR’s The ARTery.

‘Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuosity’
Music Ph.D. alum Jeff Kaiser published his article in the tri-lingual journal, Cuadernos De Música, Artes Visuales Y Artes Escenicas.

Theatre’s Silence Breakers
“In my classes, I’ve spent much more time with the students helping them to stand in their name, in their vision, stand on their feet, find stability, find orientation,” Kim Rubinstein of Theatre and Dance explained in a multi-part series for American Theatre about her experience with the #MeToo movement. “So we can go real far into vulnerable places and passions, and the depths of human experience and conflict. But I am spending equal amount of time teaching them to come back and how to stand in the world with clear eyes and a sense of their own voice.”

Nortec Collective vets and 'Baja-inspired bites' should be a tasty combo at downtown event
The UCSD URBAN event includes Music professor Wilfrido Terrazas.

Works by Lei Liang and Pierre Jalbert make triumphant premieres at SummerFest
Music professor and composer featured in the Union-Tribune review.

Corey Dunlap’s sculptural seduction
Visual Arts recent MFA graduate Corey Dunlap’s solo show is featured by San Diego CityBeat.

2018 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Award Winners Announced
Graduate student in Music Tina Tallon was granted the Morton Gould Young Composer Award for her composition, “luscinia.”

Perry Vásquez at the ‘Gates of Heck’
Local artist and Visual Arts alum turns his love of comics and more into a multimedia series of works, the San Diego CityBeat reports.

Division of Arts and Humanities Receives $750,000 NEH Infrastructure Award
National Endowment for the Humanities matching grant is largest federal award to date for the Division, supporting growth of arts and humanities on campus.

Rujeko Hockley Keeps Cracking the Art World Open
The visionary Whitney Museum curator and Visual Arts alum brings an inclusive worldview to her work.

Danny Green’s Work Filters Through Latin, Classical Music
Downbeat magazine interviews Music alum Danny Green.

At SummerFest, virtuosic Flux Quartet successfully premieres engaging works by Ichiyanagi and Steiger
The Union-Tribune reviews SummerFest performances, including work by Rand Steiger of Music: “The real power of Steiger’s work was in hearing how each string quartet member influenced the other’s musical material. The melodies transformed before us in a mystical evocation of a forgotten ancestral theme evolving into the local variants that exist today.”

Meet Angie Jennings
Visual Arts MFA alum Angie Jennings does a quick Q&A in San Diego Voyager.

The Story Behind TIME's Spike Lee Cover
Behind the portrait: TIME magazine asked Visual Arts alum Carrie Mae Weems to photograph director Spike Lee.

South Plainfield Public Library to Present New Post Impressionists Series
History alum Michael Norris is featured.

Through Her Eyes: A Conversation with Babette Mangolte
“I was always focusing on visual matters, so that led me to want to become a cinematographer,” Visual Arts professor Babette Mangolte told Criterion.

Graduate Scholarship
The German Academic Exchange Service has announced the recipients of several scholarships and grants for the academic year. Congratulations to Philosophy Ph.D. candidate Robert Brian Tracz.

More Than 60 Theater Makers To Develop New Works At The Kennedy Center
Theatre and Dance playwrights Anna Moench, Dave Harris and Tim J. Lord are in this year’s prestigious Playwrights’ Workshop.

It’s time to fulfill the promise of citizenship
Natalia Molina of History pens this op-ed for the Washington Post about the 14th Amendment.

In Review: Ansonia Quartet
National Sawdust reviews a performance at the Museum of Modern Art, which included a piece by Lei Liang of Music.

Fewer Students Are Choosing Humanities — What San Diego Colleges Are Doing About It
KPBS did extensive coverage of the division’s PATH program, including History’s Danny Widener, Philosophy’s Craig Callender and a Music course taught by David Borgo.

UC San Diego Foundation Board Trustees Bridge Campus and Community
Division supporters Phyllis Epstein and Ann Reed are announced as new members of the university foundation board. Rancho Santa Fe Review covered the news.

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus announces 2018-19 season
"We have always included a lot of music by composers who are normally not represented in symphony orchestra programming,” said Music’s Steven Schick, the group’s music director.

Discharging immigrant soldiers is the American way. That’s the problem.
Simeon Man of History pens this op-ed for the Washington Post.

Want to Fight Climate Change? Start by Carefully Watching Your Own Backyard.
“Ground Truth: A Guide to Tracking Climate Change at Home” by History’s Mark Hineline is featured in Slate, describing the way scientific observation of nature can alter your state of mind. “My presentness, and yours, releases us temporarily from the incessant, and often noisy, directionality of climate change,” Hineline writes.

Craig Callender wins the 2018 Lakatos Award
The London School of Economics and Political Science is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Lakatos Award, including Philosophy’s Craig Callender for his book “What Makes Time Special?” The Lakatos Award is given for an outstanding contribution to the philosophy of science, broadly construed, in the form of a book published in English during the previous five years.

Inheritance – A Chamber Opera
Led by Susan Narucki and featuring Lei Liang and Steven Schick of Music, “Inheritance” receives support from New Music USA.

Humanities students get boost from UC San Diego-SDCCD collaboration
“Our partnership with the San Diego Community College District through the PATH program is a tremendous success, and we look forward to continuing and expanding this important initiative,” said Division of Arts and Humanities Dean Cristina Della Coletta.

The Vineyard Theatre Unveils 2018–2019 Season
Of three plays in the season, two are Theatre and Dance connected: “Do You Feel Anger” is written by playwriting grad student Mara Nelson-Greenberg and “Good Grief” is written by acting alum Ngozichukwuka Anyanwu.

5Qs: Kelly Hanson, Production Designer
Read five questions with Theatre and Dance alum Kelly Hanson.

An assignment that inspires students beyond the classroom
Wiki Education features History student Haleigh Marcello after taking professor Ulrike Strasser’s spring course “The Early Modern Women Wikipedia Project,” which taught and then inspired Marcello to contribute well-researched entries to Wikipedia and to correct errors and fix sexist prose.

The Complete Cast of The Public’s TWELFTH NIGHT
Theatre and Dance alum Kim Blanck is cast in the Public Theatres Shakespeare in the Park production of “Twelfth Night,” with fellow alum Kamra Jacobs as stage manager on the production.

#IMakeApps | Faith Ringgold
Visual Arts professor emeritus Faith Ringgold has been a pioneering figure in American art for six decades. At age 83 she came up with the idea for Quiltuduko, a visual art making adaptation of Sudoku, a Japanese number puzzle game. The rules are simple, the game can be a challenge, but the solution makes art.

New Works by Lei Liang at La Jolla SummerFest and in Bennington
Music’s Lei Liang has two world premieres featured.

Mark Dresser on bi-tones, expressivity, and telematic performance
Music’s Mark Dresser talks shop with Jason Heath from Contrabass Conversations.

UC San Diego composer uses the sounds of the sea to inspire conservation
Music professor Lei Liang and his students are using the sounds of snapping shrimp and grunting fish to compose ocean-inspired music concerts, the Union-Tribune reports.

How Saying #MeToo Changed Their Lives
“It feels like this was a moment where a huge veil came off, and when we have been able to see what we could not see before. I’m really grateful for that. It’s hard, but it’s the way we evolve,” Kim Rubinstein of Theatre and Dance said to the New York Times.

An Interview with Suzanne Thorpe
Music Ph.D. student Suzanne Thorpe talks with Cycling ‘74: Tools for Sounds, Graphics, and Interactivity.

UC San Diego Professor Shlomo Dubnov Receives Award to create new online course
Music’s Shlomo Dubnov recently earned an award from the University of California Office of the President Innovative Learning Technology Initiative to develop a new online course about sound, music and culture.

UCSD human submarine off to England
The Reader reports on Vaquita, with creative design by Ruben Ortiz and Pinar Yoldas of Visual Arts.

La Jolla’s UC San Diego breaks ground for Sixth College’s new home
The La Jolla Light reports on the groundbreaking for the division’s new home in the North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood.

Live, Learn, Play: Vibrant New Neighborhood to Break Ground on Campus
For the Division of Arts and Humanities, the new building will include the Institute of Arts and Humanities and mark the first time in the university’s history that all three humanities departments — History, Literature and Philosophy — will be gathered in the same space. “We are thrilled that this new structure will create a physical hub for the generation of theories and ideas that evolve through dialogue, discussion and reinterpretation with partners on and off campus,” Dean Cristina Della Coletta said.

Celebrating Tomorrow’s Leaders
Commencement speakers encourage graduates to make positive change in the world, including History alumna Kimberley Phillips Boehm. View a selection of photos from commencement weekend.

‘The Darkest Light in the Heart’
Anthony Davis of Music was awarded a grant from New Music USA for his opera, “The Darkest Light of the Heart.” The opera is being developed with Spoleto USA and American Opera Projects.

UC San Diego Celebrates Commencement with Message of Hope
“I have no doubt you will spend a lifetime weaving together your past and your present to create a ‘you’ with skills and talents and passions too good to ignore,” said History alumna Kimberley Phillips Boehm.

Celebrating the successes of UC San Diego’s most dynamic grads
Featured by the university, Anika Ullah is graduating this year with as a double major in human biology and Visual Arts. David Livingstone, as chief of police in Simi Valley and a Ph.D. student in History, strives to bridge the gap between law enforcement and academia.

Why Trump’s Wall Won’t Stop Music At The U.S.–Mexico Border
In March, AJ+ published video coverage of the border concert led by Steven Schick of Music.

A Cabin in the Woods
“What’s great about MacDowell is that they give you a work space, which is a cabin in the woods with no internet – no diversions – my studio will have a grand piano and a desk,” Music’s Mark Dresser said of his residency fellowship.

UC San Diego’s Telematics Concerts Transcends Borders from California to Korea
Amplify Magazine interviews Mark Dresser about the recent Music concert.

Undergrads to Take Human Powered Submarine to International Competition
Visual Arts professors Rubén Ortiz-Torres and Pinar Yoldas, with Visual Arts facilities manager Tad Linfesty, worked with the Human Powered Submarine Team to give Vaquita a snazzy paint job.

New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival Comes to Manhattan’s Abrons Arts Center
Music’s Miller Puckett starts a full season, including the NYC festival.

Notes from the Class of ‘68
Judith Stolarsky Gechter, a History alumna, is featured by Triton magazine.

Honoring Outstanding Research Dissertations
The Chancellor’s Dissertation Medal recognizes outstanding Ph.D. dissertations from each academic division of UC San Diego. Alina Mendez of History received the honor from Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla.

State of the Arts: Professor Seth Lerer
Distinguished Professor of Literature Seth Lerer has been both a witness to and instigator of UC San Diego’s humanistic evolution, the UCSD Guardian reports.

Play Review: “Mothers”
MFA playwright in Theatre and Dance Anna Moench returns to the Wagner New Play Festival with a new, terrifying piece on the horrors of motherhood.

Column | A sign of hope in an age of political incivility
UC San Diego Music professor and composer Anthony Davis and opera singer/teacher Cynthia Aaronson-Davis received welcome news. Their son, who had a key role in the opera “Wakanda’s Dream” at Opera Omaha at age 9, has hit the big time — in baseball, that is.

Comedian Reed Martin sends off Sonoma’s class of 2018
The Theatre and Dance alumn sent words of wisdom to his alma mater in Sonoma.

Two UC San Diego Artists Featured in “25 and Under” Art Showcase at MCASD
Triton News ran a series on two Visual Arts students selected for the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego show: Wendy Rodriguez and Anika Ullah.

Review | La Jolla Symphony & Chorus close season with trademark eclecticism
“Enthusiastic applause greeted [Rand] Steiger’s explosive collaboration between full orchestra, virtuoso trumpeter and digital processing,” the Union-Tribune reported. The performance was conducted by fellow Music professor, Steven Schick.

SummerFest music director Cho-Liang ‘Jimmy’ Lin will bow out with poise and panache
In a preview of SummerFest, Steven Schick and Lei Liang of Music are featured.

San Diego summer concert guide: Here are our top season picks
Mark Dresser’s Music concert made the Union-Tribune top picks for summer.

June 5, 1968, Changed Politics — and Me
History alum Tom Shepard was elected president of the UC San Diego student government in 1968, and was invited to the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles to witness a “real” political campaign in action, he said in this Voice of San Diego op-ed.

Considering an MFA? How to Find Quality + Value in a Program
Backstage Experts call out Theatre and Dance as a top MFA program.

With the world watching, US architects rebuke Trumpism at the Venice Biennale
Architect and Visual Arts professor Teddy Cruz and his long-term collaborator, political scientist Fonna Forman, are highlighted by CNN.

New Children’s Museum marks artful decade in San Diego
Alumnus Brian Dick pays a playful tribute to Allan Kaprow, a founder of Visual Arts and Dick’s mentor here, with his interactive exhibit at the New Children’s Museum.

#MeToo and the Failure to Warn Others
Philosophy’s Ethics in the Public Sphere distinguished lecture series brings timely discussion to the forefront

Jeff Denson sings out to cover all the bases (and basses) on his new album and tour
Music alum Jeff Denson is featured in the Union-Tribune.

Tony Awards 2018: Experts Explain Nuance in Lesser-Known Categories
NBC 7 San Diego sat down with three theater experts affiliated with Theatre and Dance — Charles Means, Robert Brill and Paloma Young — to talk all things Tony.

Chris Warren goes super sonic with ‘The Omni Echo’
Local sound artist and Music alum debuts immersive aural experience at Ship in the Woods festival

A Night with Former US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera
Triton News writes up a story on the Institute of Arts and Humanities event.

Grrrls to the Front — A Riot Grrrl Event
On May 24, the students of LTWR 113, an intercultural writing workshop taught by Literature professor Meliza Banales, took it upon themselves to organize an event on campus inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement.

Passing of Former Department of Music Chair and Celebrated Cellist, Peter Farrell
Peter Farrell, longtime faculty member of the Department of Music and former principal cellist with the La Jolla Symphony, died on May 13, 2018 at the age of 93.

Bridging the Arts between UC San Diego and San Diego Unified School District
“An important aspect of any education is giving students the opportunity to explore all avenues of interest, with the outcome of having well-rounded, culturally competent individuals,” said Division of Arts and Humanities Dean Cristina Della Coletta. “It’s not that students choose arts or science. They can choose both, knowing that the arts exponentially enhance every subject, sparking innovation and new ideas.”

‘Stunning’ Short Film Exploring Landscape, Memory Selected as 8th Kamil Media Awards Grand Prize
Undergraduate filmmakers celebrated in Visual Arts annual competition, a tribute to creativity and using media to connect people

Learning to Curate History
Arts and Humanities undergraduates explore Geisel Library archives with the Institute of Arts and Humanities, presenting exhibits on Tijuana tourism and South Pacific expeditions

A new U.S.-Mexico border? At the Venice Biennale, imagining a binational region called MEXUS
Visual Arts professor Teddy Cruz and political scientist Fonna Forman are featured in the Los Angeles Times.

The 25 Best Drama Schools for an Acting Degree, Ranked
For its annual list of top drama MFA program, the Hollywood Reporter ranks the Theatre and Dance program number four, up one spot and the highest on the West Coast. The department’s undergraduate program is also ranked, for the first time. NBC San Diego covered the rankings.

Submission: The Soul-Crushing Society that Produces Soul-Crushing Student Essays
Niall Twohig, a lecturer in the Analytical Writing Program, publishes an op-ed in Triton.

Bodies in motion at MCASD
New exhibition showcases some of the best and brightest from UC San Diego’s Visual Arts MFA program, San Diego CityBeat reports.

I am Pinar Yoldas
“Infradisciplinary” artist Pinar Yoldas of Visual Arts is advocating a good Anthropocene with the help of speculative biology: Germany’s Freunde von Freunden sits down for an in-depth Q&A

Lipinksy Family Jewish Festival of the Arts will celebrate 25th anniversary with diverse slew of shows
Todd Salovey of Theatre and Dance is featured in the Union-Tribune.

State of the Arts — Sixth College CAT
Michael Trigilio of Visual Arts discusses Sixth College’s Culture, Art, and Technology program with the UC San Diego Guardian.

Stephanie Richards gets good vibrations, literally, on her absorbing new album
Music professor Stephanie Richards’s latest album is released, with a concert on campus to celebrate, the Union-Tribune reports. KPBS intervied Richards in advance of the concert as well.

The Violent Legacies of the U.S. War in Vietnam
History’s Simeon Man, author of “Soldiering through Empire: Race and the Making of the Decolonizing Pacific,” penned this commentary for the AAAS blog series.

State of the Arts — Ayden LeRoux
Literature MFA graduate student is interviewed by the UC San Diego Guardian.

Union-Tribune Summer Arts
Music’s Lei Liang and Steven Schick are highlighted as a preview to the La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest.

Nick Norton at Art Share
A Music undergrad alum, Nick Norton’s concert “Music for Art Galleries” was featured in Sequenza 21.

 ‘Master Storyteller’ Luis Alberto Urrea to be Keynote
Announced from the UC San Diego Library, the Literature alum will return to San Diego this year for the annual Dinner in the Library.

UC San Diego Awards Campus Champions of Integrity
Lisa Porter, a professor in Theatre and Dance, was honored by UC San Diego.

UC San Diego Celebrates Naturalist John Muir’s Life
The Division of Arts and Humanities co-sponsored this Muir College event, reported by KPBS.

Julia Dixon Evans’ Debut Book Lights Up Shelves
The Literature alumna appeared on KPBS Midday Edition for her new novel.

Breckenridge Music Festival welcomes new artistic director, conductor for summer
Steven Schick of Music will serve as the artistic director and conductor of the Breckenridge Music Festival, the organization's annual summer festival from mid-July through mid-August.

Culture Report: San Diego Author’s Debut Novel Is Lit
There’s a lot to like about Literature alumna Julia Dixon Evans’ debut novel “How to Set Yourself on Fire,” the Voice of San Diego reports.

Should We Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth?
The UC San Diego Institute for Practical Ethics helps identify and address the moral and ethical questions of groundbreaking, scientific innovation. University of California Television broadcast the discussion.

From Students to the Stage
Acting and design showcases introduce graduating class of Department of Theatre and Dance MFA students to leading industry professionals across the country.

UC San Diego Professor Natalia Molina Wins 2018 China Residency Exchange Fellowship
History professor will teach 10-day seminar in China on US racial politics, using unique research method.

Wagner New Play Festival a wellspring of theater talent at UCSD
If you want to know what will be happening in American theater a few years from now, you might want to check into the Wagner New Play Festival, the annual showcase of the University of California San Diego’s esteemed MFA Theatre and Dance program, the Union-Tribune reports. Broadway World also previewed a selection of the plays.

UC San Diego Historian Karl Gerth Receives Two Prestigious Fellowships
Institute for Advanced Study and American Council of Learned Societies award History scholar a combined $145,000 to further his research.

Closing art exhibit depicts climate change dangers at UC San Diego’s University Art Gallery
The La Jolla Light reports on the latest exhibition from Visual Arts.

Wagner New Play Festival Showcases Top-Notch Student Work
Annual Department of Theatre and Dance event gives opportunity to all, from MFA playwrights and faculty to undergraduate actors, designers and assistants. Coverage included the San Diego Union-Tribune, La Jolla Light and San Diego Story.

A playwright's perspective on UC San Diego's Wagner Festival of new work
The San Diego Union-Tribune caught up with graduating MFA playwright Lily Padilla, whose work "How to Defend Yourself" was one of five productions in repertory during the Theatre and Dance festival.

Groundbreaking Cinematographer Bradford Young Talks Race, Visual Impact of Film
“Solo: A Star Wars Story” and “Arrival” filmmaker is first Department of Visual Arts Adam D. Kamil Guest Lecture speaker.

Long Live the Craft
Featured in Triton magazine’s Spring issue: Itʼs 1992 and Philosophy alumnus Yuseff Cherney is sitting in his pickup truck in a parking lot, psyching himself up not to get a job. He’s 22 years old, three months out of Muir College and soon headed straight for law school. But for now, he’s headed into a homebrewing store to buy supplies for a hobby swiftly turning into an obsession.

Stephanie Richards' 'Gong' Resonates The Body's Frequency
Music professor and composer’s latest album release is featured on NPR.

Visual Arts alumni Philip Wang and Wesley Chan of Wong Fu Productions make the A-100 list, honoring the most impactful Asian culture.

San Diego Unified and UC San Diego partner to create next generation of San Diego artists
The creative collaboration will make San Diego Unified the only school district in San Diego County with an arts partnership with UC San Diego.

San Diego Symphony music director designate Rafael Payare is already cooking things up here
“As a conductor, sometimes you get someone who is reliable — or musical. In Rafael, we get both. We’re excited and thrilled, both with his musicality and with what he brings on a level of cultural interaction,” said Steven Schick of Music.

Anthony Davis and Mark Dresser duo concert promises edgy musical adventure
The Union-Tribune reports: It is a very happy coincidence that two of the nation’s most acclaimed cutting-edge composers, band leaders and soloists are longtime area residents who both teach at UC San Diego. Music’s Davis and Dresser held a concert on campus May 2.

La Jolla Playhouse's 'What Happens Next' gives a sensitive glimpse of veterans' postwar battles
The Union-Tribune gives an excellent review of Theatre and Dance playwriting professor Natalia Iizuka’s latest production.

Spring Arts 2018
The San Diego Union-Tribune published a full section on arts and culture in the region for spring, and included several UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities faculty and alumni: Julia Dixon Evans, Department of Literature alumna; Anthony Davis, Department of Music; Mark Dresser, Department of Music; Sadie Weinberg and Yolande Snaith, Department of Theatre and Dance; and kallisti, UC San Diego chamber opera group.

Three Times a Charm for Grad SLAM Winner
Congratulations to Aurora Lagattuta, a professional dancer and master’s student in Theatre and Dance, who won the $1,500 third prize for her presentation on how dancing can be used to create a more diverse and inclusive community.

Reconnecting with Alumni in Los Angeles
Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla blogged about a recent trip to Los Angeles that included meeting Music alumnus Nathan East.

30 seconds with… Katharina Rosenberger
Music professor Katharina Rosenberger and her “Viva Voce” installation is featured in the Sister City blog Los Angeles – Berlin. Additionally, Rosenberger will world premiere “surge” and “quartet – bodies in performance” at the new music festival in Witten, Germany: Wittener Tage fur neuve Kammermusik.

Art in the City
The Department of Visual Arts in included as a source for a new book on “feminist art,” Washington Life reports.

A cross-border city? Apartments for San Diegans in Tijuana? How architects defy Trump’s wall.
“We call it Mexus,” says Visual Arts professor Teddy Cruz to the Washington Post: Destined for the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture — the design world’s premier showcase for new ideas, opening this May — Cruz and [Fonna] Forman’s Mexus project uses maps, renderings and diagrams to send a pointed political message.

Southwestern College students project art onto border wall prototypes
Visual Arts MFA student Andrew Sturm collaborated with Southwestern College students, featured in San Diego City Beat.

Local Veterans and Actors Alike Take Center Stage in La Jolla Playhouse's 'What Happens Next'
The La Jolla Playhouse’s latest Without Wall production is written by Theatre and Dance professor Naomi Iizuka.

Meeting with Warren College Student Leaders
The North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood was top topic at a meeting with Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla and Warren College students and leaders, including Theatre and Dance professor and college provost Emily Roxworthy.

Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announces new fellows — and pays tribute to grantees from California
New faculty member Nicole Miller of Visual Arts was awarded a 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship (PDF), reported in the Los Angeles Times (above) and Times of San Diego. Additionally, alumni and former students from the division were also selected: Edward Wright-Rios of History and Eric Lyon and Farangis Nurulla of Music.

Analyzing the Animal Ethics of Celebrity Chefs
UC San Diego Philosophy professor Andy Lamey ranks celebrity cookbooks, bringing animal protection to the forefront. The National Post, Macleans Magazine and Ottawa Citizen covered the research.

Graduate Research Advocacy Day Takes Over Sacramento
UC San Diego graduate students — including History student Kevan Malone — share the impact of their research and advocate for increased investment from the state.

Faculty Members Celebrated for Seeing the Classroom and World Differently
44th Chancellor’s Associates Faculty Excellence Awards recognize excellence in teaching, research and service — honoring History chair Pamela Radcliff and Visual Arts faculty member Ruben Ortiz-Torres. Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla honored the faculty members, and the Del Mar Times reported on Radcliff’s award.

The New York Philharmonic Channels the Chaos of the Cosmos
Music alumna Anna Thorvaldsdottir was featured in the New York Times, in addition to their review for the New York Philharmonic premiere of her new orchestral piece.

What's hitting San Diego's stages in April?
“What Happens Next,” staged by the La Jolla Playhouse and written by Theatre and Dance faculty member Naomi Iizuka, is included in the Union-Tribune writeup.

Kristin Korb, a double-threat on bass and vocals, plays today at SDSU
From the Union-Tribune article: “A Montana naive, [Music alumna Kristin] Korb is equally skilled as a bassist and singer — her credits include three albums with bass legend Ray Brown.”

Meet the Victoria TX Independent Film Festival jurors
Theatre and Dance MFA alum Matthew Wilder is selected as juror of the Texas festival.

UC San Diego Seeks National Title for Student Lawyers
Led by History alumnus Keshav Nair, the team includes Literature students Brianna Fluhrer and Vivian Pham. Pham was named “top attorney” in defense.

‘Men on Boats’ a wild and surprising ride at New Village Arts
From the review: Newly minted UC San Diego Theatre and Dance alumna Paloma Dominguez is a real find as the ever-upbeat Sumner; she’s particularly adept in the show’s many high-energy movement sequences, as the boats brave rapids and cataracts.

Drinking 1,049 Feet Underground in Mexico
History professor Dana Velasco Murillo and her work, “Urban Indians in a Silver City: Zacatecas, Mexico, 1546-1810,” was cited in this OZY long-form feature.

La Jolla Playhouse’s WoW series taps new work by UC San Diego playwright Naomi Iizuka
A work by the longtime head of the Theatre and Dance graduate playwriting program will receive its world premiere next month as the next project in La Jolla Playhouse’s Without Walls program, the Union-Tribune reports. Naomi Iizuka’s “What Happens Next” will run April 19-29 at the Challenged Athletes Foundation in Sorrento Valley. Broadway World also reports on the selection.

UC San Diego ups its dining offerings by going local
The Union-Tribune includes the forthcoming Living and Learning Neighborhood in its write up.

Angela Davis reflects on the impact and intersectionality of political movements
Philosophy alumna Angela Davis gives talk in Charlottesville.

Cross Winds
Paris-based circus artist, composer and percussionist Roland Auzet fights back in a new theatrical percussion concerto written for, and co-commissioned by, Music graduate student Fiona Digney. The full program is available on UCTV.

SECCA to Present Talk @ SECCA:
“Art and Science” lecture features Visual Arts professor Pina Yoldas.

Remembering Kate Wilhelm
On the passing of Kate Wilhelm, Shelley Streeby of Literature said, “I am so grateful for the powerful work Kate Wilhelm did in co-creating and sustaining the Clarion Workshop almost 50 years ago, so that today at UC San Diego emerging science fiction and fantasy writers from around the world still benefit from it.”

Lauren Yee, playwright on the verge
“I gravitate towards family stories,” said Theatre and Dance alumna Lauren Yee in the Los Angeles Times. “There is something that all of us go through when we meet our parents as adults.”

8th Annual Integrity Awards
Theatre and Dance professor Lisa Porter is honored with a 2018 UC San Diego Integrity Awards. The ceremony will be held April 18.

UC undergrads don’t just gain knowledge — they create it
Anika Ullah of Visual Arts hasn’t even graduated from college yet, but she has the credentials of someone with years of research experience under her belt.

Lights, Camera, Service
Principles of community get the star treatment at BEARLs, with congratulations to undergrad student Sofia Zaragoza of Theatre and Dance for winning the “Championing Freedom of Expression.” Earl Warren College Provost Emily Roxworthy, a history and theory professor in Theatre and Dance, served as emcee.

Ahoy! Sea stories and buried facts from pirate expert Mark Hanna
History’s Mark Hanna was on St. Louis public radio to talk all things pirates ahead of a local production of “Pirates of Penzance.”

U.S. Pavilion Announces Seven 'Dimensions of Citizenship' Projects for Venice Biennale
Opening May 26, the U.S. Pavilion present installations exploring different facets of the theme “Dimensions of Citizenship.” Visual Arts professor Teddy Cruz’s work will be included; The Archinect News also reported.

Pirate historian Mark Hanna talks to ‘St. Louis on the Air’ ahead of UMSL Opera Theatre production
University of Missouri – St. Louis invited Mark Hanna of History to provide the pre-show discussion for their weekend run of “Pirates of Penzance.”

How UIC's Luis Alberto Urrea became the literary conscience of the border
Literature alumnus Luis Alberto Urrea continues to be honored for his work, including here in the Chicago Tribune.

Circle X Theatre Co. Announces Kate Jopson as New Artistic Director
The Los Angeles company named Theatre and Dance directing alumna Kate Jopson as its new artistic director.

Using Science and Humanities to Step Back in Time
Led by Division of Arts and Humanities dean Cristina Della Coletta, Dominique Rissolo and Falko Kuester, the Turin, Italy fieldwork brings together engineering students and arts and humanities students for the betterment of both.

11th Annual Visual Arts Symposium and Open Studios Explore Issues Shaping Culture Today
Visual Arts opened its galleries, studios and lecture hall March 3, giving an inside look into the practice and research of art students at UC San Diego. Held annually, the Graduate Symposium and Open Studios showcase the groundbreaking work of Ph.D. student art historians and MFA artists.

Can you name #5WomenArtists? Here’s a list to get you started.
In honor of International Women’s Day, Emily Haight chose five women artists to highlight for a National Museum of Women in the Arts campaign, including Visual Arts alumna Hung Liu.

Looking at Trump’s ‘Beautiful Wall’
Literature alumnus Luis Alberto Urrea penned this op-ed for the New York Times, recounting his recent time spent at UC San Diego as part of the “It’s About Time” festival, curated by Steven Schick of Music.

The Pros + Cons of Getting an Acting MFA
“A number of top MFA programs are affiliated with major regional theaters. For example, University of California San Diego’s MFA program is affiliated with La Jolla Playhouse,” the article says, placing Theatre and Dance in a “pro” column.

Brown University Offers Fully Funded MFAs to Actors and Directors
The university announced a new program, one our Theatre and Dance has done for years: “Brown’s program in a rare category alongside other top-ranked programs at the University of California San Diego,” the article reads.

Sonic Fluidities explores social change through music
UC San Diego Music conference includes installations, performances based on race, gender and sexual identity, San Diego CityBeat reports.

The UC San Diego Department of Theatre and Dance Presents
Broadway World announces two upcoming shows for Theatre and Dance: “The Striker” and “Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.”

San Diego New Music reaches into the past to find 'Displaced' music
The Union-Tribune reviews a performance curated by former Music professor Robert Zelickman.

SummerFest 2018 season will celebrate outgoing music director Cho-Liang Lin’s 18-year tenure
Music’s Steven Schick was asked to participate in SummerFest 2018.

UC San Diego’s ‘Stories We Tell’ Features 7 International Women Artists
The Times of San Diego featured the recently ended Visual Arts exhibition.

Artist Spotlight: A Conversation with Composer Anahita Abbasi
Ph.D. student Anahita Abbasi’s work is premiering with the San Francisco Symphony.

UC San Diego Exhibition Features Work by 7 Leading International Women Artists
Shown together for the first time, exhibition represents historical significance of university’s Department of Visual Arts.

Sound as Social Practice
UC San Diego Department of Music explores art, identity and activism in first-of-its-kind graduate conference.

Culture Report: Building a Mile of Art in Southeastern San Diego
Voice of San Diego included graduate-student conferences from the departments of Music and Visual Arts in their latest Culture Report.

The UC San Diego Student Employment Center kicked off their #TritonWorker campaign with Visual Arts alumna Emily Zheng, Visual Arts alumnus and Division of Arts and Humanities staff member Farshid Bazmandegan and Division of Arts and Humanities staff Laura Martin.

Edgy New York chamber music quartet loadbang to perform at UC San Diego
For its Wednesday concert at, loadbang will perform seven selections, including Music professor Lei Liang’s “Lakescape V,” a shape-shifting piece that makes remarkable use of space and the silences between notes.

Soprano Susan Narucki enchants in evening of Kurtág’s song miniatures
The Union-Tribune reviews Susan Narucki’s WEDS@7 Music performance. The newspaper ran a preview of the concert as well.

Author Luis Urrea in Conversation with Steven Schick
Helen Edison Lecture Series discussion is streaming on UCTV, featuring Literature alum Luis Alberto Urrea and Music professor Steven Schick.

“I’ll Forego All that Shit if J Dilla Was Still with Us”: An Interview with B+
Brian “B+” Cross of Visual Arts is interviewed by Passion of the Weis.

Sarah Rasmusseum receives Bold grant
MFA directing alumna Sarah Rasmussen of Theatre and Dance is one of five women artistic directors who will be receiving $250,000 grants from the BOLD Theater Women’s Leadership Circle.

Evoking What Can’t Be Seen
Visual Arts alumna Lorna Simpson was profiled in The New York Times Magazine.

Senate Faculty Notice Regarding Academic Freedom at UC San Diego
Following a petition to permanently end a Theatre and Dance film course, the UC San Diego Academic Senate issues a statement. Coverage in the news included multiple mention in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Triton, UC San Diego Guardian and Inside Higher Education, among others.

Lauren Yee named Blackburn Prize finalist
MFA playwriting alumna Lauren Yee of Theatre and Dance has been named one of the 10 finalists for The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, the oldest and largest prize awarded to women playwrights writing in the English language.

Sarah Wansley named Drama League director in residence
MFA Directing alumna Sarah Wansley of Theatre and Dance has been named as a 2018 Director in Residence by The Drama League, where she will develop new plays and musicals as part of the 2018 Drama League Artist Residency Program.

Page 73 residency announcement
MFA playwriting alumna Emily Feldman and undergraduate alumnus Daniel K. Isaac of Theatre and Dance were both named part of the Interstate 73 Writers Group for 2018.

How Kids TV Made Playwright Matt Hoverman a Star
MFA acting alumnus Matt Hoverman of Theatre and Dance was interviewed by The Clyde Fitch Report to talk about his writing career and his transition from acting to writing for the stage and television and his current success with children's TV shows including Arthur, for which he has received an Emmy Award.

Nominations for San Francisco Bay Area Critic Awards
The San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle announced the nominees for their 42nd Annual Excellence in Theatre Awards for 2017. Theatre and Dance professor Robert Brill was nominated, as were three alumni: Alina Bokovikova, Ogie Zulueta and the Ubuntu Theatre Project, led by Michael Moran.

Meredith McDonough of Actors Theatre: FACES of Louisville
MFA Directing alumna Meredith McDonough of Theatre and Dance discusses her work at Actor's Theatre of Louisville, programing the annual Humana Festival of New Plays and her journey to directing and the theatre.

A Mostly* Spoiler-Free Review Of A Raisin In the Sun
Triton news reviews the latest Theatre and Dance production.

Art and The Record Collection
Literature alumnus Art Connor is featured in this local news outlet, the Idyllwild Town Crier.

Faculty and Staff Step Up to Support UC San Diego
Susan Kirkpatrick, professor emerita of Spanish Literature, is creating the Kirkpatrick Literature Ph.D. Research Fund to provide research support for incoming doctoral students in the Department of Literature.

An Animated Introduction to Epicurus: What Makes Us Happy?
Included in this blog post, a 2014 Wireless Philosophy video narrated by Monte Johnson of Philosophy draws more rules for happiness from the teachings of Epicurus.

Cuyamaca College getting tuned up for international music
The Camera Lucida Piano Trio, which includes cellist Charles Curtis of Music, is mentioned.

UC San Diego's Teddy Cruz wins $100,000 Vilcek Prize
Visual Arts professor Teddy Cruz, an architect noted for his cross-border projects, has won the annual Vilcek Prize, which honors the contributions of immigrants to American culture.

The UC San Diego Department of Theatre and Dance presents “Othello”
Broadway World promotes the upcoming Theatre and Dance production.

Charles Mingus and “Tijuana Moods” - Helen Edison Lecture Series
Anthony Davis and Steven Schick of Music lead the conversation, streaming on UCTV.

With La Jolla Symphony, a brilliant Fiona Digney solos — and shines — on wooden chairs
From the Union-Tribune review, the Department of Music was highlighted: “The ‘It’s About Time’ festival concluded this weekend with a child’s vision of Heaven and an audacious percussion concerto that made instruments of four wooden chairs. … [Fiona] Digney’s performance was compelling and authoritative. The work demanded precise coordination between soloist and orchestra, which it received under the baton of [Steven] Schick.”

Bertram Turetzky, ace of bass for six decades, set to play his 85th birthday gig
Former Music professor Bertram Turetzky is celebrated, with current professor Mark Dresser and alumni Nathan East and Kristin Korb featured.

Abraham Galvan Appointed as VP Campus Affairs of ASUCSD
Third year Literature major Abraham Galvan was appointed on Feb. 7.

A world-premiere Huey Lewis musical is the big News at the Old Globe
The creative team includes Theatre and Dance alum Paloma Young.

Breaking Ground in Music Performance
Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla wrote about the Department of Music Reed Family Concert on his blog.

From Borders to Bridges
Work of Literature alumnus Luis Alberto Urrea is highlighted in the Department of Music Reed Family Concert.

Issues of Identity: In Conversation with Hilton Als
Pulitzer Prize-winning theater critic joins Theatre and Dance students to discuss access and mentorship.

Architect Teddy Cruz Wins $100,000 Vilcek Prize
Reported by ArtForum, Teddy Cruz of Visual Arts receives this year’s honor from the Vilcek Foundation.

A Woman's Point of View: UC San Diego art exhibit has work by 7 trailblazing female artists in La Jolla
The Visual Arts exhibition “Stories That We Tell: Art and Identity” runs through March 3 and features the work of seven groundbreaking female artists.

Lofty aspirations at UCSD
Mark Dresser of Music will take the stage at the Loft, at UC San Diego.

Percussionist Fiona Digney closes out ‘It's About Time’ festival
“I’ve always been drawn to the highly gestural aspects of percussion,” Fiona Digney, a doctoral candidate in Music, told the Union-Tribune. “We play such a wide range of instruments that we can’t use just one technique. We are moving around a lot, picking instruments up and putting them down. It’s very physical.”

Calit2's 'Ideas Performances' in La Jolla, and other shows in 2018
Theatre and Dance MFA student Aurora Lagattuta, an advocate of inter-species, has been exploring flipper consciousness through dance.

LA Phil 2018-19
Congratulations to Tina Tallon and Natacha Diels of Music on their commissions from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, reported on in The New Yorker music critic Alex Ross’ blog The Rest Is Noise. Of the 50 pieces commissioned, works by three of alumni — Carolyn Chen, Michele Lou and Steven Takasugi — and former faculty member George Lewis are included.

At UCSD, Michael Pisaro’s sonic landscapes evoke gratification, contemplation
The Music production of “asleep, forest, melody, path” is discussed in context with the larger “It’s About Time” festival.

‘Vietgone’ a funny and forceful story of love and loss at San Diego Rep
The Theatre and Dance-trained director Jesca Prudencio is praised by the Union-Tribune for her work in the latest Rep production, as well as the Times of San Diego and The La Jolla Light.

Carleton Players present Naomi Iizuka’s provocative drama
“Good Kids,” written by Theatre and Dance professor Naomi Iizuka, premieres Feb. 9 at Carleton College.

Event briefs
“Cross Winds,” is the final event in the San Diego Symphony’s “It’s About Time” Festival, curated by Music’s Steven Schick.

Making the Wall Disappear: A Stunning Live Performance at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Alex Ross of The New Yorker wrote a summary of Music’s performance at the border, and also included a video of the event.

UC San Diego Undergraduate Synthesizes Visual Arts, Community Engagement and Scientific Research for Health Activism
Multidisciplinary issues need multidisciplinary solutions. That’s Visual Arts minor Anika Ullah’s mantra.

The UC San Diego Presents ‘A Raisin in the Sun’
The Theatre and Dance production runs Feb. 9-17. San Diego City Beat also included the play in their event roundup.

Dual Multimedia Installations Address Sonification of Endangered Coral Reefs
Music graduate students Jacob Sundstrom, Fiona Digney and Anthony Vine, as well as Lauren Jones and Eunjeong Ko are featured.

At The Humana Festival, The Plays Are Not the Only Thing
Deborah Stein and Mara Nelson-Greenberg of Theatre and Dance are interviewed.

Issues of Identity: A Conversation with Hilton Als
In celebration of Black History Month, Theatre and Dance is pleased to announce Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and critic Hilton Als in a public event on Monday, Feb. 5 from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Mandell Weiss Theatre.

'It's About Time' festival stops the clocks in brilliant concert
Steven Schick and Music are lauded in this Union-Tribune review.

Mathias Svalina: Poet, Entrepreneur, and Conjurer of Dreams
Literature’s opening Winter quarter New Writers Series event was covered by the UCSD Guardian.

Cross-border percussion concert unites U.S., Mexico musicians at Friendship Park
Music’s participation in the “It’s About Time” festival was covered by the Union-Tribune, with an interview with Steven Schick.

San Diego Community Newspaper Group includes two Department of Music events in their roundup.

Contemporary Sculpture Society Presents a Solo Exhibition and Lecture
Visual Arts MFA alumnus Mike Calway-Fagen shows at the Contemporary Sculpture Society.

Cecil Lytle, Mike Wofford, Joshua White, Kei Akagi & Tobin Chodos to play 5-piano concert
“Five pianists walk into a room” starts this article on Music’s 22nd annual concert.

Culture Report: The Border Wall Is No Match for Music
Voice of San Diego’s Culture Report leads with the “It’s About Time” festival, curated by Steven Schick of Music.

Facing Budget Cuts, San Diego Arts Head Steps Down
Announced at the Jan. 26 Commission for Arts and Culture meeting, executive director Dana Springs, a Visual Arts alumna, has worked at the commission for 18 years.

Omaha native makes hand-crafted props for 'Tonight Show' right from his Bellevue workshop
Theatre and Dance alumnus Paul Pape’s in at the “Tonight Show” was through one of its production designers, a fellow student at UC San Diego.

Two UC San Diego Playwrights Selected for Prestigious New Play Festival
2018 Humana Festival to feature Theatre and Dance faculty and student, simultaneously for the first time. Theater blogger Gia on the Move covered the news as well.

Transfer Student Spotlight: Aaron Valdivia
For a new blog series featuring the experiences of 2017 Preparing Accomplished Transfers to the Humanities (PATH Summer Academy) attendees and other transfer students, current Japanese Studies major Aaron Valdivia talks about his transfer experience.

Anna Thorvaldsdottir named new Composer-in-Residence
The Iceland Symphony Orchestra has named Music alumna Anna Thorvaldsdottir as its next Composer-in-Residence.

Confronting Political Intimidation and Public Bullying
Airing on UCTV, Author and Literature professor emeritus Roddey Reid traces the origins of the current toxic environment back some 30 years to a culture of abuse in the workplace, media and the political arena (video).

San Diego Theatre Week returning for a third go-round
The Theatre and Dance production of “A Raisin in the Sun” is a select offer for this year’s city-wide festival.

Cross-disciplinary Dance Performance and Installation Explores Oceanic Timescapes
Graduate students from Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance, and Music collaborate on this exhibit in the Qualcomm Institute.

The NFL Isn’t the Only Divisive Sport in America
Robert Edelman of History discusses the Democratic favorability views of the NBA.

La Jolla's Best Bets for Events: Jan. 25
Music’s 22nd annual Lytle Scholarship Concert is included in a La Jolla Light “best bet.”

Culture Report: The Border Wall Is No Match for Music
“Those musicians on the other side of the border, they’re my friends. No physical boundary will keep me from talking to my friends or keep me from feeling like I’m a neighbor to the people in Tijuana, and our music underscores that,” Steven Schick of Music tells the Voice of San Diego.

Activist Angela Davis to speak at Pittsburgh's August Wilson Center
Philosophy alumna Angela Davis will appear as part of the “Truthsayer” speaker series.

Thousands of Students, Locals, and Leaders Turn Out for San Diego Women’s March
Theatre and Dance student Kol Chaiken explained to the UCSD Guardian that she attended to show unity with women of all backgrounds.

Rap on Border: A Public Conversation
Participants from an interdisciplinary effort that included Visual Arts students will hold a conversation about race, gender, sexuality and life in general as residents of the borderlands to open the “In a Close(d) Relationship” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

‘Tijuana Moods’ concerts in San Diego and Tijuana will be historic first for legacy of Charles Mingus
The concerts are presented in conjunction with the “It’s About Time” festival, curated by Music’s Steven Schick.

“The Road To and From the Paris Climate Agreement”
Andrew Light was the guest speaker of the December Ethics in the Public Sphere talk, a community event organized by Philosophy (video).

‘It’s About Time’ Festival Brings Percussion To The Forefront
Steven Schick of Music joins KPBS Midday Edition Tuesday to discuss the festival.

Finding a Roadmap to Success for Students
Four ‘Careers in the Humanities’ workshops highlight choices, concrete steps to successful futures. Led by History professor Nancy Kwak, the workshops represent an ongoing, collective effort between the Division of Arts and Humanities, the UC San Diego Career Center and the Institute of Arts and Humanities.

‘It’s About Time: A Festival of Rhythm. Sound. And Place’
Curated by Music professor Steven Schick, UC San Diego plays important part in region-wide cultural festival.

Helen Edison Lecture Series Highlight Festival
On Feb. 1, Music professor Steven Schick will be in conversation with Literature alumnus Luis Alberto Urrea.

Lytle Scholarship Concert Presents ‘Jazz Piano Summit’
22nd annual Music concert raises money for undergraduate scholarships.

Commentary: Does San Diego theater matter?
The San Diego Union-Tribune praises Theatre and Dance for its status as one of the top programs in the country and its essential contributions to the regional theatre scene.

Design & Community
Theatre and Dance lighting design alumna Sherrice Mojgani is profiled by for championing more diverse representation in the theater and design fields.

Game Changer
Seventeen years ago, Chris Yanov ’99 (Literature) began a program that has since sent 1,600 inner-city kids to college and been called “a model for the nation.” The secret? A few failures, a good dose of grit and a love of game shows.

First Gen Success
System-wide support for first-generation students, including mention of Music's Susan Narucki and Sarah Baker of the Analytical Writing Program.

The Sound from Down Under
One custom building, 16 rescued pianos, all in the Outback. Very UC San Diego. Featuring the work of Vanessa Tomlinson, MA ’97, DMA ’00 and Erik Griswold, MA ’92, Ph.D. ’97, both Music alumni.

‘Soundings’ and Chamber Music International offer worlds of contrast in two concerts
The Nasher Sculpture Center’s “Soundings” series interspersed Bach’s Musical Offering with movements from Music composer Lei Liang.

UC San Diego surfer puts professional dream on hold to earn degree
Becoming a professional surfer is a dream for many people who grew up competing in the sport, including Visual Arts junior Frankie Seely.

Top Weekend Events: San Diego Union-Tribune
The annual celebration of new plays by rising dramatists returns to the Globe, with staged readings of work by Theatre and Dance alumna Lauren Yee, among others.

‘It’s About Time’ for ear-bending, eye-popping, borders-leaping music festival
Music professor Steven Schick curates this month long music festival, “It’s About Time.” After opening, the Union-Tribune gives its first take: ‘Percussion Lovefest’ gets festival off to a propulsive start.

San Diego Repertory Theatre presents ‘Vietgone’
Directed by Theatre and Dance alumna Jesca Prudencio, ‘Vietgone’ opens Jan. 25.

Stand-out acts fill January bill
La Jolla Light gives some great coverage to ArtPower! at UC San Diego, including their participation in Music’s Steven Schick-led “It’s About Time” festival.

WEDS@7 Represent the Best of UCSD’s Music Department
“I originally attended WEDS@7 when accompanying a friend who needed some company for the performance, knowing full well the concert would be aggressive and provocative. It wasn’t until after I left, however, that I realized how subtly the music had actually evoked so much emotion,” The Triton news reports on the Department of Music weekly series.

Nicole Mitchell, an Innovative Flutist With an Afrofuturist Vision
Former Music student Nicole Mitchell is featured in the New York Times.

No rest for Wick Alexander
Local artist and Visual Arts alumnus Wick Alexander discusses his Athenaeum exhibition and reflects on a successful career.

In Clash Between California and Trump, It’s One America Versus Another
Visual Arts graduate student Andrew Sturm is quoted in the New York Times.

At soundON festival, extraordinary musical voyages unfold
A San Diego Union-Tribune review included work by Roger Reynolds of Music.

What It’d Take to Make ‘Flying Cars’ the Future of Racing
Robert Edelman of History gives a quick background on sport racing in Bloomberg Pursuits.

San Diego Symphony starts the new year with a rhythm fest
Music professor Steven Schick curates the new month-long festival, beginning Jan. 11.

Phoenix Theatre Presents Rolling World Premiere of 'Halftime with Don'
Theatre and Dance alumnus Ken Weitzman’s play will receive its world premiere.

In 2017, the Border Was a Concept Nationally and a Canvas Locally
In this Voice of San Diego border art roundup, Visual Arts was well represented: Omar Pimienta, Sara Solaimani, Andrew Sturm and Ricardo Dominguez.

UCSD composer's opera a light amid the hate
“I’m very concerned about the future,” says Anthony Davis of Music to the San Diego Reader. “That’s why it’s important for me to continue to write about political events because I believe the country is in peril.

The World of Music Stardom, Through the Eyes of the Photographer B+
The New Yorker has a great write up of the new book "Ghostnotes" by Visual Arts faculty member Brian "B+" Cross. From the article: “These images tell a story of hard work, an obsession with craft that draws Cross ever nearer. As you turn the pages, you can hear music.”

A day in Mexico City
Literature student Monica Lopez shares her view of life in Mexico in this video, part of the University of California Education Abroad Program.

UCSD Chamber Orchestra Excels with Narrative Driven Music
In its first concert of the year, the Department of Music Chamber Orchestra played three pieces that each contained their own unique narrative. Led by conductor Matthew J. Kline, the Chamber Orchestra performed splendidly, the Triton reported.

Old Globe sets lineup for annual Powers new-play festival
Theatre and Dance alumna Lauren Yee’s work is selected for the January festival.

Russia's doping plot: Symptom of a deeper Olympic malaise?
“In a globalized age, one can imagine the nation-state being removed from the Olympics,” Robert Edelman of History said to the Christian Science Monitor. Earlier, Edelman was interviewed for USA Today on the subject.

Performance Series at UC San Diego's Qualcomm Institute Enters Fifth Season
”We are pleased to announce a schedule of strong and innovative interdisciplinary and experimental pieces for this fifth season of the IDEAS Performance Series,” said Shahrokh Yadegari of Music, chair of the Initiative for Digital Exploration of Arts and Sciences selection committee.

UC San Diego Theatre & Dance to Welcome Veronica Santiago Moniello for thesisWORKS 2017
Broadway World San Diego featured Theatre and Dance student Santiago Moniello’s performance.

Hung Lui exhibit at Loveland Museum/Gallery features more than 200,000 fortune cookies
An exhibit by Visual Arts alumna Hung Lui is featured.

Entrevista con Estefania Ibanez
Reprinted on his blog, Music professor Wilfrido Terrazas is interviewed about his musical history, music in everyday life and the function of music (in Spanish).

Catalonia pushes for independence from Spain: What to know
The push for independence “raises questions of the future of democracy and democratic rule,” Pamela Radcliff of History said. “What’s being contested between Spain and Catalonia, one of the things is different visions of what defending democracy looks like.”

The story of early tape music, microsound, and a Eurorack resurrection
Computer music professor Tom Erbe of Music is featured by Create Digital Music.

Intiman Theatre Announces Next Co-Curator
Theatre and Dance alumna KJ Sanchez has been named the co-curator of the 2018 co-curator of Seattle’s Intiman Festival, its third.

Globe's autism-friendly 'Grinch' has helped spark a movement
A good portion of developing the idea can be traced to a moment Theatre and Dance alumna Lisa Porter spent in the Old Globe basement six years ago with her daughter, Daisy, the Union-Tribune says.

Turner, Refinery29 Host Women’s Comedy Writers Lab, With Winner Getting TBS Digital Pilot
Theatre and Dance alumna Kim Blanck has been selected as one of eight to participate in the Riot Comedy Lab, a two-day comedy writing workshop.

We Chinese in America
Lei Liang of Music is featured on the cover of We Chinese in America magazine (in Chinese).

2018 Colorado New Play Summit selections announced
The Denver Center Theatre Company has announced their 13th annual Colorado New Play Summit, which will feature a reading of a new work by Theatre and Dance alumnus David Jacobi, and a world-premiere production by alumna Lauren Yee.

A must-see: Hung Liu’s women warriors: ‘Daughters of China’ at Kala
Visual Arts alumna Hung Liu, named one of the most prominent Chinese-American painters working in the U.S. today, has her new exhibit in Berkeley featured.

What It's Like Adapting Haruki Murakami's Surreal Fiction
To adapt the novel to the stage, the director assembled a group of world-class artistic collaborators, starting with Theatre and Dance alumna Naomi Iizuka.

Meet Gwen Grossman of Gwen Grossman Lighting Design in Jackson Blvd
Theatre and Dance alumna Gwen Grossman was profiled by Voyage Chicago to discuss her career as a lighting designer and her architectural lighting design firm.

San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra launches 35th anniversary season
Music graduate student Anahita Abbasi composed work that will receive its world premiere in 2018.

International Magazine of Space Design
Theatre and Dance scenic design alumnus Steven Kemp was interviewed by BOB Magazine, the International Magazine of Space Designed.

San Diego Repertory Theatre presents VIETGONE
Theatre and Dance alumna Jesca Prudencio is announced as director.

News from 2017

San Diego Repertory Theatre presents VIETGONE

Department of Theatre and Dance alumna Jesca Prudencio is announced as director.

Jerry Brown Pardons Man Imprisoned for Decades for Murders He Didn’t Commit

Department of History alumnus David M. Livingstone, now Simi Valley police chief, announced the support of a clemency appeal leading to the pardon, the New York Times reports. At the initial press conference (video), Livingstone discussed the case.

Joshua White soars on debut solo album: 'I try to challenge myself'

“Joshua’s playing and music is both deeply personal and resonantly universal,” said Mark Dresser of the Department of Music.

Light brigade shines on border wall prototypes

UC San Diego graduate students, led by Andrew Sturm of the Department of Visual Arts, projected images onto the walls using a theater light. Sturm’s artistic work was highlighted in San Diego City Beat.

New exhibit showcases African-American San Diego artists

Emeritus professor Faith Ringgold, of the Department of Visual Arts, and UC San Diego alumna Manuelita Brown have work on display through April 15.

UC San Diego Launches Institute to Address Ethics of Today’s Innovation

To help close the gap between the pace of innovation and society’s ability to deal with these advances responsibly, the University of California San Diego — one of the world’s greatest producers of technology, medical innovations and scientific knowledge — has launched the Institute for Practical Ethics. KUSI and Times of San Diego covered the news, and the institute held a “soft launch” with researchers on campus.

UCSD celebrates Chinary Ung’s mysterious, ecstatic music

The Union-Tribune reviews the featured Chinary Ung concert, produced by the Department of Music.

The Allegations Against Al Franken Underscore That Seeing Is Believing

From Wired: “There’s a counterfactual dependence between the way a photograph looks and how the world is,” says Jonathan Cohen, Department of Philosophy chair who has studied the subject. “If granny is wearing a green sweater, then a photograph is going to show her wearing a green sweater.”

UC San Diego Pioneering Computer Music Researcher F. Richard Moore Passes

Regarded as a pioneering researcher and inspiring mentor who made seminal contributions to the evolution of computer music, UC San Diego Department of Music Emeritus Professor F. Richard Moore died on Sept. 29, 2017. He was 73.

How the Humanities helps our veterans

Natalia Molina of the Department of History discusses the importance of a humanities education for members of the U.S. Military during and after their service.

A border wall rises in Oceanside — but this one is an art project, by Tijuana artist Marcos Ramirez 'ERRE'

In the Los Angeles Times, Department of Visual Arts alumni and Department of Literature Ph.D. student Omar Pimienta’s work is featured as part of the group show “unDocumenta.” The Voice of San Diego also reported.

UCSD professor Susan Narucki's 'Cuatro Corridos' leads to a Latin Grammy nomination

Department of Music colleagues received a Latin Grammy nomination, highlighted by an interview with Susan Narucki. She commissioned, championed and is the sole vocalist on this bi-national chamber opera about human trafficking, the Union-Tribune reports. Univision also interviewed Narucki leading up to the big night.

Theater for the ears with sound designer Melanie Chen Cole

The Union-Tribune calls Department of Theatre and Dance alumna Melanie Chen Cole one of the most in-demand local theater artists.

UCSD Theatre/Dance Dept. to stage four enticing works

The La Jolla Light highlights on the Department of Theatre and Dance’s fall quarter productions.

Designing an Italian Style at Universal Expositions (video)

Division of Arts and Humanities Dean Cristina Della Coletta was invited to Villanova University for their fourth annual Italian lecture series. In addition to her talk, she was interviewed (audio) by their languages and literatures department.

La Jolla Symphony pairs masterworks and a world premiere to launch new season

Department of Music’s Steven Schick, Cecil Lytle and Ph.D. student Asher Tobin are featured in this review.

La Jolla Symphony, UC San Diego Celebrate 50 Years Of Collaboration

Thy symphony’s opening concert, called Crossing the Rue St. Paul, celebrates 50 years of collaboration with UC San Diego and the Department of Music. KPBS Evening Edition reports.

Win or Lose, los Doyers are ‘familia’

Natalia Molina of the Department of History writes a timely essay on “bleeding blue” during the World Series.

Poway native offered unique installation at Without Walls Festival

Department of Theatre and Dance student Lily Padilla talks to the Union-Tribune about the Without Walls Festival, which featured a sound-installation piece with Department of Music students.

“Critical Curation:” The Role of Curators in Creating Spaces for Black Cinema

Erica Cho and the Department of Visual Arts are featured by Triton news.

Professor Ann Woods: From the Louvre to the Lecture Hall

The UCSD Guardian interviews Ann Woods of the Department of Visual Arts.

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus will jazz up season kick-off with eclectic pianist Cecil Lytle

Steven Schick and Cecil Lytle of the Department of Music are featured.

Poetry in the past, present and everywhere

Department of Visual Arts emeritus professor Jerome Rothenberg is interviewed.

Michael Dessen fusing improvisation, technology in quest for new music vistas

Department of Music alumnus is featured in the Union-Tribune.

11 UC San Diego Faculty Members Honored with Hellman Fellowships
From the Division of Arts and Humanities departments, Julie Burelle of Theatre and Dance, Natacha Diels of Music and Simeon Man of History are this year’s Hellman Fellows Program recipients.

'Insulting African American Gold Star widows has a history'
The research of Prof. Rebecca Jo Plant of the Department of History is featured in this Washington Post article on the legacy of discrimination against African American military members and their families.

Provoking Change: University Art Gallery hosts its Fall 2017 show
The Department of Visual Arts current exhibition is featured.

When American Lawmakers Took a Page from the Nazi Playbook
Natalia Molina of the Department of History publishes in

Men at war find brief peace in shared song
Department of Theatre and Dance
alumna Cynthia Stokes is interviewed.

Without Walls Festival Showcases UC San Diego Talent
Collaboration, professional development key to this year’s four-day, site-specific theater fest

UC San Diego Strength in Humanities Leads to Inclusion in Prestigious Research Consortium
The University of California San Diego has joined the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Research University Consortium, a prestigious academic leadership group in the humanities.

Recognizing Extraordinary TeachingRachel Klein of the Department of History is honored with the UC San Diego Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award.

Culture Report: La Jolla Playhouse Brings Unconventional Art to the Urban Core
Lily Padilla, a Department of Theatre and Dance student, is featured.

UC San Diego Department of Theatre and Dance to Stage WHAT OF THE NIGHT?
Broadway World San Diego features upcoming production in the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Korean Music, Art, and Fashion on Both Sides of the Bay
Work by Chinary Ung of the Department of Music is featured.

Who Are the Most Influential Artists of the Last Century?
Hung Liu, Department of Visual Arts alumna, is recognized as one of the most influential artists of the last century.

‘One Day She’ll Darken’
Department of Theatre and Dance
alumnus Jefferson Mayes is announced as lead.

Asian American TV Producers Speak Out About Making the Shows They Want, Whether or Not Networks Are on Board
Department of Visual Arts
alumni Philip Wang and Wesley Chan are featured.

Catalans’ freedom quandary
Department of History
chair Pamela Radcliff is cited.

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus prepares for its 2017-18 season
This year’s season is in part a nod to the group’s long-standing affiliation with the Department of Music.

M+, West Kowloon Cultural District
Work by Lei Liang of the Department of Music is included.

La Jolla Playhouse's Without Walls Festival (WoW) heads to downtown San Diego
Departments of Theatre and Dance, and Music are featured in this year’s WOW Festival.

Judith Dolan: On Broadway
A new exhibit at the La Jolla Historical Society features work by Judith Dolan of the Department of Theatre & Dance. The exhibit was listed in a San Diego Union-Tribune article on things to do in the city.

Learn about how we consider ‘Mexican’ as a racial and ethnic category in the US
Natalia Molina of the Department of History will give at talk at The Huntington Library Oct. 4.

A Game to Help Students Pay the Right Price for College
Jenny Nicholson, Department of Literature alumna, is featured in the New York Times for her creation Spent and, focusing on student loan debt, Playback.

Do protests by athletes turn off viewers?
“I think the long-term effect of this weekend will be to dial back the hyper-patriotism that crept into American sports after 9/11,” said Daniel Widener of the Department of History

Fall arts: Top 10 classical music picks
The Oct. 2 Camera Lucida concert with Charles Curtis of the Department of Music is featured.

New Chappaqua venue brings performing arts to town
Department of Theatre & Dance alumnus John Fanelli is featured in the USA Today news network.

From the Archives: Angela Davis Stirred up Campus Controversy in 1969
Department of Philosophy
alumna Angela Davis is featured in San Diego Magazine.

U.S. Pavilion announces design teams for 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale
Teddy Cruz of the Department of Visual Arts, with UCSD Cross-Border Initiative co-director Fonna Forman, are one of seven U.S.-based design teams selected to appear in next year’s Architecture Biennale.

UC San Diego Listed in Top 10 of Public Universities by U.S. News

UC San Diego is again at the top of the list of the 2018 Best Colleges rankings published by U.S. News & World Report.

Diversity is Up in Humanities at 2-Year Colleges

At a time when many four-year institutions are worried about decreasing numbers of humanities graduates, the number of underrepresented minorities earning associate degrees in the humanities and liberal arts has increased in recent years.  UC San Diego's Division of Arts and Humanities partnership with the San Diego Community College District was mentioned in this article as one of the collaborations funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities initiative.

Kyoto University in Partnership with UC San Diego

Cementing an ongoing partnership with UC San Diego, Kyoto University has opened a San Diego Liaison Office, and hosted an Opening Reception and Networking event on July 17th in order to further existing collaborations and initiate new ones.  Dr. Makoto Azuma, the founding director of the Kyoto University office, said the new facility in San Diego will allow the two universities to collaborate in a broad range of research areas. “Our university strives for diverse development in pure and applied research in the humanities, sciences, and technology,” he said, “while seeking to integrate these various perspectives in promising and productive ways.”  With strong research areas in Japanese Studies, and an endowed Chair in Japanese Literature, the Division of Arts & Humanities is well positioned to expand the current ties between the two Universities into the liberal arts.

UC San Diego Among Top 10 History Schools in California

A newer resource aimed at helping recent college graduates start their careers, Zippia recently evaluated California universities' history departments. Looking at metrics around career results, emphasis on history, and school performance, the resource placed UC San Diego at #9 in the state.

UC San Diego's KNIT, Digital Arts & Humanities "Connect the Dots"

Through an initiative called “KNIT,” the University of California San Diego’s Division of Arts and Humanities is crafting collaboration and community on campus — digitally. By offering online tools collectively referred to as a “digital commons,” KNIT will enable university faculty, students and staff to customize websites for courses, research projects or personal academic portfolios; create or join public and private discussion groups devoted to shared interests; and network with communities both on and off campus.

Chancellor Khosla Showing Support for the Performing Arts

Chancellor Khosla recently attended the closing night performance of the play Strange Men at the Wagner New Play Festival. Before the performance began, the Chancellor thanked Molli Wagner for her generous support of UC San Diego and talked about the positive impact of the Wagner New Play Festival on the Theatre & Dance Department. He also mentioned the importance of the arts at UC San Diego and throughout the world in sparking innovation and creative thinking. 

Professor Mark Hanna Reminds Us of a Key Historic Moment in TIME

With a contribution to TIME’s “25 Moments that Changed America,” Department of History’s Mark Hanna clarifies the importance of the Barbary Wars at a key time in American history.

Liberal Arts Majors are the Future of the Tech Industry

JM Olejarz writes in the Harvard Business Review "College students who major in the humanities always get asked a certain question. They’re asked it so often—and by so many people—that it should come printed on their diplomas. That question, posed by friends, career counselors, and family, is “What are you planning to do with your degree?” But it might as well be “What are the humanities good for?” According to three new books, the answer is “Quite a lot.”"

UC San Diego professors and performances are featured in Grace Bell's photo display in Athenaeum's "Music Scene Hear"

A selection of Grace Bell's jazz portrait and performance photography will be on display in La Jolla's Athenaeum's Clayes Gallery from June 17 - July 29, 2017

Department of History associate professor, director of the Institute of Arts and Humanities, and director of Chicano/a and Latino/a Arts & Humanities Luis Alvarez spoke about his research at the recent UC San Diego & You alumni event in Silicon Valley. Alvarez presented on the history of race and social movements in California, as well as the successful launch of IAH in 2016-2017. UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla and Division of Arts and Humanities Dean Cristina Della Coletta also participated in the standing-room-only event. Alvarez was pictured with the Chancellor, as seen on the Chancellor’s Blog

Acclaimed filmmaker Evans Chan 陳耀成 screens and comments on his documentary “Raise the Umbrellas,” its first full-length preview on the West Coast.

Humanities and liberal arts are the future according to Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and one of the “sharks” on television’s “Shark Tank” (ABC). Read why Cuban thinks so...

Palimpsest ensemble rounds up virtuoso performers for music both 'old' and new with UCSD Music professor Aleck Karis conducting. Read the review....

U.S. Senators Urge Trump to Keep National Endowments for Arts and Humanities. Read more...

UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla recently toured the “Harold Cohen, Creating Computational Creativity” exhibit in the University Art Gallery. Department of Visual Arts’ professors Jack Greenstein, who is also department chair, and Sheldon Brown shared insights into Cohen’s pioneering work in art and artificial intelligence. Read more...

The Institute of Arts and Humanities’ Feb. 21 Challenging Conversations event, “From Japanese Internment to the Muslim Ban” drew more than 240 people including students, faculty from across divisions and community members. All were engaged and many contributed to the lively discussion. UC San Diego Department of History professors Simeon Man and Michael Provence shared their insights during the KPBS Midday Edition before the event. They also wrote an Op-Ed that was printed in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Listen to the BBC World Services’ “The Forum” interview featuring Department of Literature’s Daisuke Miyao. The professor’s expertise in Japanese film enhanced the scholarly discussion about “The Seven Samurai,” described as one of the most influential films of all times. 

Several faculty members in the Division of Arts and Humanities have been notified that they will receive 2017 Chancellor’s Associates Faculty Excellence Awards. The winners will be formally recognized April 6 during an awards ceremony at which a brief video featuring each winner will be screened. An official press release is to be distributed by mid-March.  Read More...

Seth Lerer - "Tradition"

Distinguished Professor of Literature and former dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities Seth Lerer will speak Feb. 22 at Warwick’s in downtown La Jolla, where he will present his perspective on tradition in the literary imagination. See link for more... 

UC San Diego's Music professor Steven Schick dazzles in Boulez's 'Répons'.  Read more here...

Tritons to be honored during UC San Diego’s Alumni Celebration, June 10 include two A&H alums.  Read more...


News from 2016

Department of Music professor Lei Liang's "Portrait Concert" at Miller Theatre is included in former New York Times and Bostom Globe music critic's "Best of 2016: 10 Musical Events" list. Read more...

Department of History professor Frank Biess wins National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship  to examine the role of fear and anxiety within the historical context of postwar West Germany.

Department of Music’s Susan Narucki and Lei Liang continue developing their chamber opera, “Inheritance, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Composer and UC San Diego Music Professor Lei Liang appears in the New York Times for his innovative use of technology in music.  

UC San Diego’s Division of Arts and Humanities is devoted to developing students’ skills of critical thinking and analytic expression. Dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities Cristina Della Coletta said that in less than one year, a team of instructors for the Basic Writing Program was put together who, under Karen Gocsik's leadership, are propelling a program of innovation and excellence.

The US News and World Report Global University Rankings just came out and UC San Diego has moved up in the rankings from no. 19 to no. 15. Not only has the university as a whole moved up in the rankings, but we are proud to announce that the Division of Arts and Humanities has moved up 10 spots from 33 to 23! This is a tremendous achievement!

Composer Roger Reynolds’ “FLiGHT,” which premieres Oct. 30-31 at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City, is the latest landmark in a career distinguished by a quest for new modes of making music.

La Jolla Light: The 2016-17 IDEAS Series began Oct. 20 with a multimedia dance collaboration helmed by Yolande Snaith, head of UC San Diego’s Undergraduate Dance Program. “Measuring the Dream” is based on the poetry and life of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a 17th-century nun in colonial Mexico who was a self-taught scholar and poet, known in her lifetime as “The Tenth Muse.”

Founding Visual Arts Professor Emeritus David Antin passed away October 11, 2016, at the age of 84. An illustrious poet, critic, teacher and performance artist, Antin joined the Department of Visual Arts in 1968 as the director of the University Art Gallery. Antin was renowned for his innovative, conceptual art practice, and while at UC San Diego he became famous for his improvised "Talk Poems." LA Times.

From its earliest years, the Visual Arts Department at the University of California, San Diego — established in 1967 — brought in artists who raised new ideas about how to think about photography and the role of the artist.

The Division of Arts and Humanities took a leading role to secure a $2.59 million grant award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The award supports a joint program with the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) that helps humanities transfer students transition to UC San Diego—a top 10 public university. According to Dean Cristina Della Coletta, it is the largest foundation award the division has received in support of the humanities.

Michigan Daily op-ed about Professor Natalia Molina's lecture on racial scripts that provided a clear and much-needed message: Racism is embedded in our institutions and must be addressed through comprehensive reform.

A new multimedia installation, “Nimbus,” opened Oct.1 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall with a storm of clouds and music conjured up by artists from UC San Diego and the LA Philharmonic.

In a ceremony held on Sept. 26, a newly-designated walkway was unveiled in honor of Arthur Wagner, founding chair of the UC San Diego Department of Theatre and Dance, and his wife, Molli in La Jolla Light.

Congratulations to Professor Eric Watkins of Philosophy who has been elected recipient of a Humboldt Research Award! This award is conferred in recognition of lifetime achievements in research.

LA Times featured 'Nimbus,' a new art installation created by Angeles Philharmonic’s artist-collaborator, Yuval Sharon, in conjunction with composer and Music Professor Rand Steiger and artist Patrick Shearn. The nebulous slate-colored thunderheads looms above the escalators that transport visitors from the parking garage into the soaring architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Natalia Molina explained the influence of racial scripts on the experiences of various immigrant groups during a talk titled, “How Race is Made in America” for the Mexican American and Latina/o Studies Lecture Series in the University of Texas at Austin.

Composer, trumpeter and assistant professor of contemporary music Stephanie Richards was featured in San Diego Union Tribune. “I embrace all the colors of expression I can, and I’m very interested in the senses, multidisciplinary works and gesture in music,” said Richards, who performs with her quintet Nov. 3 at The Loft@UCSD.

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla, Dean Cristina Della Coletta, and members and affiliates of the Department of Theatre and Dance attended Celebrating Artists of the Future Sept. 10. The event benefitted the department’s Student Productions Fund. The Chancellor posted an event summary on his blog.

Emeriti Professor Roddey Reid from the Department of Literature weighs in on the state of bullying.

Slate chatted with literary critic and Distinguished Professor Seth Lerer about the very first children’s books, how libraries once taught kids the ABCs of American citizenship, and the juggernaut phenomenon of Harry Potter.

Department of Theatre and Dance alumna Regan Linton (MFA, 2013) is the new interim artistic director at Phamaly Theatre Company in Denver, where she previously spent six years as a company actor. Pictured here is Linton performing the lead in “Elizabeth I” at UC San Diego (Photo by Jim Carmody).

The Princess Grace Foundation-USA, an organization that supports emerging artists, recently named its 2016 Princess Grace Award winners that include Christopher Scott Murillo, ’13 and Keith A. Wallace ’16 for Theater and Playwriting category; and Jiehae Park, ’09 for a Works in Progress Residency grant.

New York Times' Playlist included Mark Dresser's ‘TrumpinPutinStoopin’. Pop critics for The New York Times weigh in on the week’s most notable new songs and videos — and anything else that strikes them as intriguing — in the Playlist.

Literature Assistant Professor Babak Rahimi talks about "Muhammad Ali is dead, long live his America! in The Huffington Post.

Professor Natalia Molina blogs about the California Humanities board meeting held recently in San Diego. All discussions came back to why humanities matter.

Jann Pasler, Distinguished Professor of Music was awarded the highly competitive ACLS Fellowship for academic year 2016-17 for her project Sounding the French Empire: Colonial Ethnographies of Music, 1860-1960. For over ninety years, providing fellowships for scholars in the humanities and related social sciences has been one of the signal activities of the American Council of Learned Societies. Professor Pasler is a musicologist, pianist, documentary filmmaker, and has published widely on new American and French music, modernism and postmodernism, interdisciplinarity, race and gender, material culture, and radio.

NBC 7 San Diego's Robert Bush reviewed the magnificent performance of the faculty concert by Trio M, the gold-standard improvising ensemble featuring bassist Mark Dresser, Bay Area pianist Myra Melford and New York City drummer Matt Wilson.

Theatre and Dance Professor Emily Roxworthy, currently serving as Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Equity, will assume the Warren College provost position on July 1 after completing her interim appointment. “Professor Roxworthy is an active and accomplished scholar and teacher with a demonstrated record of commitment to undergraduate education,” Subramani said. “Her experience and broad service contributions across UC San Diego make her the ideal leader for this position.”

Proof of Theatre and Dance and La Jolla Playhouse collaboration’s success lies in, “The Last Tiger in Haiti,” an award-winning play by UC San Diego alumnus Jeff Augustin, which premieres during the playhouse’s upcoming 2016/2017 season, June 28 – July 24, 2016, in the Mandell Weiss Forum. This marks the first time that a former UC San Diego theatre student’s production has premiered during the playhouse’s regular season.

Department of Visual Arts students showcase their annual art exhibitions with impressive success - Undergraduate Artists' exhibition "Meeting at Square One" on May 5-12  at  the University Art Gallery and MFA exhibition DOSSIER THALAMUS on May 13 - June 3 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (MCASD).

Distinguished Professor of Literature Seth Lerer organized a two-hour panel discussion with prominent University of California (UC) Shakespeare faculty entitled, "How the University of California Makes Shakespeare New," June 6, at the San Diego Central Library’s Neil Morgan Auditorium. UC President Janet Napolitano gave a brief introduction, Division of Arts and Humanities Dean Cristina Della Coletta attended the event, and Lerer led the discussion to explore UC contributions to Shakespeare scholarship and public outreach.

Literature Professor Dennis Childs is the recent winner of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Distinguished Teaching Award for 2015-2016. Department of History Professor David Gutierrez, chair of the DEI Graduation Requirement Committee, explained in his announcement letter that the award was given to acknowledge and honor efforts professors make to teach and support the courses that fulfill the graduation requirement for students. Childs won for this reason, plus his exemplary teaching and his commitment to educating students about the importance of understanding the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in our diverse and complex society.

Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination Director and UC San Diego Professor in Digital Media Sheldon Brown and award-winning science fiction writer and former SDSU Professor in computer science Vernor Vinge, on KPBS Radio Midday Edition, share their concepts about future malls. Dr. Vinge will give a lecture on May 25, 10:30am at the Atkinson Hall Auditorium.

The Division of Arts and Humanities has appointed the first new director and associate director—Luis Alvarez and Mark Hanna, respectively of the newly established Institute of Arts and Humanities (IAH). Both are faculty members in the UC San Diego Department of History. They assume their new leadership posts July 1.

San Diego Union Tribune featured kallisti ensemble’s Noon at Dusk which premieres on May 11, 7:00 p.m. at Conrad Prebys Center Experimental Theater. kallisti, is a vocal ensemble led by Music Professor Narucki and Noon at Dusk is a chamber opera composed by Stephen Lewis with a libretto by Yi Hong Sim.

Mingling the past with the present, the University of California San Diego’s Department of Visual Arts is embarking on a series of programs to celebrate its upcoming 50th anniversary entitled, “VISUAL ARTS@50: ART INTO LIFE.” Kicking off the celebration is “Object Type,” an exhibition that runs May 3 – 13 in the Visual Arts Gallery, at the SME Building on campus.

What would it be like to live in 2080 London? Visual Arts Professor and Director of the Clarke Center, Sheldon Brown, introduced the topic and served as moderator of the discussion, which included a talk on the science involved in the predicament by sci-fi writer Kim Stanley Robinson and a speculative architectural proposal submitted in real time over the Internet by London architect Usman Haque. (La Jolla Light)

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Hellman Fellows from the Division of Arts and Humanities: Matthew Werner Vitz (History), Amy Marie Cimini (Music), Deborah Isobel Stein (Theatre and Dance) and Alena Williams (Visual Arts)!

The Guardian featured Literature Professor Cristina Rivera-Garza who sees writing as a vessel for exploring the limits of our own humanity, a medium with the power to solve the most perplexing paradoxes of our time.

Literature Professor Luis Martin-Cabrera has been named a 2016 Whiting Public Engagement (WPE) Fellow by the Whiting Foundation for his proposal to investigate the lives of indigenous groups living in a region known as the “Saudi Arabia of Lithium.”

San Diego Union Tribune reports about UC San Diego’s renowned playwriting program, Wagner New Play Festival, where five brand-new works by graduate students will be presented at the La Jolla Theatre.  UC San Diego News Center

Learn more about our African American Studies minor program. Hear what students and faculty say!

Theatre and Dance Lecturer Patricia Rincon is featured in San Diego Union Tribune.  She discussed about her coming Blurred Borders Dance Festival on April 29-30, 8:00 p.m. at the Molli and Arthur Wagner Dance Building.

Congratulations to Theatre and Dance Professor Charlie Oates for receiving the Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award!

Professor Naomi Iizuka is featured in New York Times as one of the playwrights tapped for the Big Ten New Play Initiative which aims to create opportunities for women in theatre. Ms. Iizuka said, the program has “planted a flag in the sand,” one she hopes other institutions embrace as a challenge.

The University of California San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities will be well-represented during the 42nd Annual Chancellor’s Associates’ Faculty Excellence Awards on April 14, 6:00 p.m. at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine on campus.

The UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Muir College present a special Earth Day Lecture with award-winning climate scientist, Michael E. Mann, Ph.D entitled Environments in Motion: "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars" on April 22, 2:00 p.m. at the Great Hall.

The University of California, San Diego has received an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship grant - an award intended to assist humanities scholars in acquiring systematic training outside their areas of special interest - for the first time. The $209,000 grant will support Department of History Professor Mark Hendrickson’s efforts to explore how the work of American mining engineers and geologists working abroad between 1880 and 1930 helped shape the development of 20th-century American capitalism, science and foreign policy.

Visual Arts Professor Grant Kester recently distributed the third issue of "FIELD: a Journal of Socially Engaged Art Criticism."

Inaugurated on March 11, EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio is a 3,000-square-foot space on the third floor of the Structural and Materials Engineering building. It provides a wide range of design, fabrication and prototyping tools from 3D printers and welding stations to a sophisticated laser cutter that would promote collaboration between visual arts and engineering students. Visual arts students interested in the new speculative design major will take classes in this studio.

VisArts alumna Carrie Mae Weems was named the 2016 National Artist Award Honoree by the Anderson Ranch Arts Center. The award is given to artists who have innovated in their fields and across disciplines. In a statement, Weems said receiving the award was “humbling,” adding, “I am a working girl who is so consumed and engaged with my work that I’m often surprised when anyone takes note.”

Roscoe Mitchell, a leading saxophonist and co-founder of Chicago's Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), will be joined by pianist Anthony Davis, trumpeter Stephanie Richards and contrabassist Mark Dresser, all from the Department of Music faculty, along with drummer Mike Reed and flutist Nicole Mitchell for this rare West Coast performance, 7 p.m. at the Experimental Theater at Conrad Prebys Music Center.

Watch the presentations featured during the Feb. 10 Department of Visual Arts inaugural event for the launch of "UCSDSD: The Speculative Design Major."

To help the campus stay competitive, Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla recently launched the UC San Diego Chancellor’s Endowed Chair and Faculty Fellowship Challenge. Associate Professor of History Denise Demetriou, Gerry and Jeannie Ranglas Chair in Ancient Greek History, explained that the chair allows her to host academic events that help position the campus as a leader in the arts and humanities.

The Division of Arts and Humanities is "CRASSHing" the Conference for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), sponsored by campus Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP), Feb. 19, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at the Institute for the Americas auditorium. To help AEP assert recognition of undergraduate student research, Dean Cristina Della Coletta will deliver opening remarks, and noted cosmetic surgeon and alumnus Dr. Gregory Buford, ’90, literature, will deliver the keynote address. Alumni, faculty and students are encouraged to attend the informative, fun-filled event and to present posters, artwork and performances.

Professor and composer Lei Liang is profiled in the January issue of Harvard magazine, where he talks about being a finalist for a 2015 Pulitzer for his piece Xiaoxiang and explains the personal and artistic experiences that led to the piece.

The Undergraduate Studio Honors Program of the UC San Diego Visual Arts Department will be opening their doors to the public on February 17, 3-5 p.m. Each year a dozen top Undergraduate Studio Art Majors are nominated by faculty to join the Honors Program, this event will display the work and process of current Studio Honors Program members.

Congratulations to recipients of the 2015-16 Chancellor's Associates Faculty Excellence Awards: Philosophy Professor David Brink (Research in Humanities & Social Sciences), Visual Arts Professor Teddy Cruz (Community Service) and Visual Arts Professor Anya Gallaccio (Performing and Visual Arts)!

Congratulations to Associate Vice Chancellor and Theatre Professor Emily Roxworthy as one of the recipients of the 2015 UC San Diego Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Diversity Awards Program!

KPBS News reports that BBC Persian will broadcast a recording the dramatic work "The Scarlet Stone" by Professor Shahrokh Yadegari to more than 14 million people worldwide.

Department of History Professor Natalia Molina will be among a diverse group of 25 women selected to be honored for their contributions to higher education in the March 10th “Women’s History Month” issue. The publication will be distributed at the 2016 American Council on Education (ACE) Meeting, March 12-15, in San Francisco.

UC San Diego will celebrate Black History Month throughout the month of February with the theme “Hallowed Grounds: Sites of African American Memory.” commemoration of the history, contributions and achievements of African Americans in U.S. history. There is a broad array of programs, including lectures, concerts and film screenings.

New Writing Series (Winter 2016) Director and Literature Professor Cristina Rivera-Garza explained, "The winter NWS is designed to share the explorations and achievements of writers who work in between languages—mostly between Spanish and English—and especially in and through translation. .... they connect with communities characterized by diversity and change: they constitute sheer examples of the writer of the 21st century.”

History Professor Natalia Molina has won the 2015 Susanne M. Glasscock Humanities Book Prize for Interdisciplinary Scholarship for her book, “How Race Is Made in America: Immigration, Citizenship, and the Historical Power of Racial Scripts.” She will formally accept the award on Feb. 24, at Texas A&M University’s Glasscock Center Library, where she will also give a lecture about her work.

UC San Diego alumni couple, Casey and Matthew Shen, recently donated one-half million dollars to their alma mater to establish the Casey and Matthew Shen Endowment to support graduate student fellowships in the Department of Literature.

An upcoming conversation between National Book awardee and environmentalist Barry Lopez and music professor Steven Schick for the Helen Edison Lecture Series on January 20, 7:00 p.m. at the Price Center East Ballroom will focus on what role the arts can play in raising awareness and understanding on climate change and humanity’s impact on nature.

San Diego Union Tribune gave an outstanding review of "Canyons," a concert held to honor the Reed family.

Composer Lei Liang and Soprano Susan Narucki have won $50,000 in grant-funding from Creative Capital for their project, “Inheritance,” a proposed chamber opera addressing the complex issues of gun violence in America.

Distinguished Professor of Literature Seth Lerer explores and explains an annotated, first edition of Geoffrey Chaucer (London, 1598).

Huffington Post op-ed about "What Star Wars Can Teach Us About the Islamic World" written by Literature Professor Babak Rahimi.

Distinguished Professor in the Department of History, Paul Pickowicz, is honored with the Humboldt Research Award.

With an eye to the future and emphasis on students' marketable skills, the Department of Visual is offering a new major called Speculative Design.

Theatre and Dance Professor Emily Roxworthy has been appointed Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity and Diversity effective January 1, 2016.

The Division of Arts and Humanities has launched the Institute of Arts and Humanities (IAH). “This overarching entity serves as a consolidated, yet richly diverse, resource for improving the effectiveness of humanities study as it impacts our fast-evolving, interconnected world,” said the division’s Dean Cristina Della Coletta, who considers this a critical objective reflective of UC San Diego’s #1 ranking in the nation for its impact on society (Washington Monthly, 2015 College Guide).

History Professor Nancy Caciola was profiled in the Washington Post for her research about revenants which she defines as "a corpse that comes back to life meaning death preceded it." Caciola is considered one of the world’s leading experts on such matters.

For Winter 2016, the Division of Arts and Humanities presents the "Degrees of Health and Well-Being" lecture series that features extraordinary speakers Larry Smarr, Natalia Molina, Steffanie Strathdee, Cheryl Anderson, Tom Wong, and Veerabhadran (“Ram”) Ramanathan. Now on its 5th year, the lecture series is aligned with the university’s strategic planning process, and the overarching, multi-year series title, Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities in Society.

Dean Cristina Della Coletta was profiled by arts writer Jim Chute of San Diego Union Tribune. His interview covered her vision for the Division of Arts & Humanities, her career as an academic, author, educator and administrator, and the challenges of attracting new A&H majors.

Robert Bush of NBC San Diego recounted another very rich year 2015 for San Diego jazz that included concerts of Mark Dresser, Anthony Davis, Stephanie Richards, David Borgo and Steve Schick's red fish blue fish.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy Craig Callender, who is launching UC San Diego’s new bioethics minor this month, has big plans to establish the Institute for Practical Ethics. He was quoted in San Diego Magazine - "The idea is not to slow down science, but rather to figure out what’s responsible, so that we can progress.”

Cuatro Corridos, the chamber opera led by UC San Diego Professor of Music Susan Narucki, was featured at the 2015 FIL - Guadalajara International Book Fair, the largest Spanish language book fair in the world. More than 1,000 people attended the performance at Guadalajara's Teatro Diana, which earned extensive press coverage from Mexican media including El DiarioInformador and El Universal.

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