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A statement from Division of Arts and Humanities leadership

We will not stand by to watch acts of violence inflicted upon our Black colleagues, students, families and friends — or upon Black people anywhere. We call out and condemn all racism, overt and otherwise, including police brutality, wrongful imprisonment, economic and social inequality, and white nationalism.

We recognize the position of privilege that we hold, and commit to using this position to break the systemic racism that is felt each and every day by our Black students, faculty and staff. This includes historic, institutionalized racism within UC San Diego.

We commit to double down on our efforts to recruit and retain faculty and experts of color. We recognize the underrepresentation of students of color on campus, and commit to breaking down institutional barriers that make it more difficult for Black students and students of color to attend and succeed at UC San Diego.

We vow to use the powerful tools of our disciplines in the Arts and the Humanities to interrogate the past, act upon the present and realize a more equitable future.

We call out violence, aggression and intimidation by all in positions of power, as much as we shed light on micro-aggressions, institutional racism, and unequal policies and practices in order to learn from and abolish the systematic battle our colleagues, students and community face.

How you can help

Listen to your Black colleagues and students. Now.

Take steps today to include the history, stories and experiences of people of color, Black Americans and LGBTQ people of color in your classrooms, curriculums and discussions. Our disciplines are leaders in educating and expanding on the human experience: it is time we take this commitment seriously and act.

Educate yourselves on George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and David McAtee. Be honest about what their deaths mean and be sincere in your mourning.

Use the resources from the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, including accessing the Campus Community Centers:

Pay attention to your students: encourage them to contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 858-534-3755 or

Pay attention to each other: faculty and staff can access the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) at 858-534-5523 or

Give now to support our Black students:


Cristina Della Coletta
Dean, Division of Arts and Humanities

Amy Adler
Chair, Department of Visual Arts

William Bechtel
Associate Dean and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

David Borgo
Chair, Department of Music

Craig Callender
Co-director, Institute for Practical Ethics and Professor of Philosophy

Jonathan Cohen
Chair, Department of Philosophy

David G. Gutiérrez
Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and Professor Emeritus of History

Allan Havis
Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance

Nancy Kwak
Director, Institute of Arts and Humanities and Associate Professor of History

Susan Narucki
Director, Arts and Community Engagement and Professor of Music

Alma Palazzolo
Assistant Dean, Division of Arts and Humanities

Rand Steiger
Associate Dean and Distinguished Professor of Music

Edward Watts
Chair, Department of History

Yingjin Zhang
Chair, Department of Literature


Published June 2, 2020