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Six World-Renowned Departments


What to do with degree in HistoryThe Department of History explores the human experience through study of the globe’s regions, peoples and intellectual pursuits as they developed over time. The department is known internationally for its work on the histories of the Atlantic world, East Asia, Europe, the Hellenic world, Latin America, the Middle East, science and the United States.

Mailcode: 0104
Address: 5005 Humanities & Social Sciences Bldg.

Edward Watts, Chair: (858) 534-2733
Main Office: (858) 534-1996
Susan Bernal, Chief Administrative Officer: (858) 534-3635


What you can do with degree in LiteratureThe Department of Literature is unique both conceptually and structurally in that it combines studies of language, literature, and culture in a single department. It is celebrated for taking a comparative world-cultures approach, for its teaching of creative writing and for its synthesis of scholarship, literary arts and translation.

Mailcode: 0410
Address: 110 Literature Building

Yingjin Zhang, Chair: (858) 534-4618
Main Office: (858) 534-3210
Nancy Ho-Wu, Chief Administrative Officer: (858) 534-3216


What you can do with degree in MusicBased in the state-of-the-art Conrad Prebys Music Center, with a faculty of distinguished scholars, performers, composers and computer music researchers, the Department of Music focuses on contemporary and experimental music and fosters an atmosphere of diversity, collaboration and interdisciplinary inquiry.

Mailcode: 0099
Address: Conrad Prebys Music Center

David Borgo, Chair: (858) 534- 3230
Main Office: (858) 534-3230
Barbara Jackson, Chief Administrative Officer: (858) 534-3231


What you can do with degree in PhilosophyThe Department of Philosophy is committed to interdisciplinary work. It excels, in particular, in philosophy of science, ethics and history of philosophy – and is known internationally for integrating the latest findings from psychology and physics into cutting-edge scholarship. The department offers optional areas of emphasis for undergraduates and specialization for graduates.

Mailcode: 0119
Address: 7002 Humanities & Social Sciences Bldg.

Jonathan Cohen, Chair: (858) 534-6802
Main Office: (858) 534-3070
Debra Ambrose, Chief Administrative Officer: (858) 534-3074

Theatre & Dance

What you can do with degree in Theatre/DanceThe Department of Theatre and Dance teaches and practices innovative, eclectic and interdisciplinary work. It is also committed to attracting and sustaining a diverse group of students. According to U.S. News & World Report, the department has been among the nation's top three for more than a decade.

Mailcode: 0344
Address: 2550 Galbraith Hall

Allan Havis, Chair: (858) 534-2062
Main Office: (858) 534-3791
Gris Arellano, Chief Administrative Officer: (858) 534-1045

Visual Arts

What you can do with degree in Visual ArtsNew synergies of art practice and avant-garde research are hallmarks of the Department of Visual Arts. One of the nation’s top-ranked programs and an innovative force in the international art community for nearly half a century, the department includes artists, theorists, historians and cultural practitioners in one collaborative environment.

Mailcode: 0327
Address: 216 Mandeville Center

Amy Adler, Chair: (858) 534-0418
Main Office: (858) 534-2860
Jacqueline Griffin, Chief Administrative Officer: (858) 534-3740

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