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Faculty Resources

Current Recruitments

Department of Music

Lecturer in Piano Performance (positions available starting Fall Quarter 2023)

Assistant Professor of Composition (expected start July 2024)

Assistant Professor of Piano Performance (expected start July 2024)


Please see all open recruitment opportunities in the School of Arts and Humanities >>


Arts and Humanities Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel Deadlines

Senate Faculty File Deadlines for 7/1/24


Due to Dean's Office:  September 29,  2023

  • Deferrals
  • CER request memo

Due to Dean's Office: November 1,  2023

  • Appraisal
  • Further Above Scale (including accelerations)
  • Normal Merit
  • Merit/Reappt of Assistants (including accelerations)
  • No Change Action

Due to Dean's Office: December 1,  2023

  • Accelerated Merit
  • Merit with New Bonus OS
  • Bonus OS only

Due to Dean's Office: January 12,  2024

  • Merit to/through Step VI (Career Review)
  • Merit to Above Scale (Career Review)
  • Career Equity Reviews

Due to Dean's Office: January 19,  2024

  • Promotions (Career Review)

Continuing Lecturer and Temporary Faculty File Deadlines

Due to Dean's Office:  October 20, 2023

  • Winter quarter temp files (1/1/24)

Due to Dean's Office: January 19, 2024

  • Spring quarter temp files (4/1/24)

Due to Dean's Office: February 2, 2024
  • Continuing Lecturer Initial Appt, Merit, Promotions (7/1/24)

Due to Dean's Office: March 1, 2024
  • Academic Coordinator appts/reappts

Due to Dean's Office: March 22, 2024
  • 23/24 Pre-Six Review/Teaching Effectiveness files (with or without reappt)

Due to Dean's Office: April 5, 2024
  • 23/24 Pre-Six first-year Assessments

Due to Dean's Office: May 1, 2024

  • 7/1/24 Academic Year Lecturer appts/reappts

Due to Dean's Office: July 12, 2024

  • Fall quarter temp files (10/1/24)

Leave Deadlines

EVC authority leaves are due two months before pay period start date.

Dean authority leaves are due one month before pay period start date.

Fall (7/1 start date): EVC authority leaves due 5/1; DA leaves due 6/1

Winter (11/1 start date): EVC authority leaves due 9/1; DA leaves due 10/1

Spring (3/1 start date): EVC authority leaves due 1/1; DA leaves due 2/1


Jennifer Johnson

Departmental Bylaws

School and Departmental Review Standards

Senate Faculty Ad Hoc Funding

Proposal Requirements: Requests should be 500 words or less, include what support is requested, identify why the support is important for the department, the School and the University as a whole, and specify how the support will enhance the student or faculty experience.

  • The proposal must include how much money the department is putting towards the effort and what other funding sources have been sought and secured, if any.
  • Cost-share or match required: All awards require a cost share/match of at least 1 to 1.
  • Applicants may request any amount, though a majority of the grants awarded in recent years were for less than $5,000.


  • Current Senate Faculty in the School of Arts and Humanities.
  • Must be in compliance with all mandatory UC trainings.


  • Proposals are prioritized according to their alignment with the School's strategic goals (see below)
  • Please submit requests in a timely manner taking into consideration the date of proposed event/activity, the deadlines listed, and the evaluation process. This mindfulness is appreciated given the large number of requests received and the goal to provide equal opportunity for all. 
  • The applicant will be informed of the status four weeks after the deadline.
  • Funds will be transferred to the faculty member’s home department. All payment or reimbursement arrangements will be handled by the home department.

School's Strategic Goals:

  • Sustaining a first‐class faculty
  • Maintaining and enhancing graduate education
  • Increasing the number of entering freshmen
  • Building and expanding collaborative and interdisciplinary academic and research activities
  • Enhancing financial sustainability through the generation of new revenues


  • Fall Deadline: Nov. 15, 2023
  • Winter Deadline: March 15, 2024

To Apply: Please complete the proposal application via the online portal.

 Questions? Contact Roxann Bedia (

Additional Funding Opportunities

View the below linked calendars for funding opportunities. These documents include funding due dates, maximum amounts offered and sponsor/funder details. These links are updated regularly with additions, deletions or other changes.

  • Funding Resources for Researchers (link)
    Resources and services across campus support investigators seeking funding for research activities. Based in the Office of Research Affairs, the Research Development team supports investigators throughout campus in developing large, interdisciplinary, and/or strategic proposals. The team provides curated resources to support a variety of common funding pursuits, such as recurring early-career programs.

Inclusive Excellence Initiative

The School of Arts and Humanities is committed to addressing systemic racism, anti-Black and anti-Asian hate, and white privilege, and continues to investigate the racial dimensions of the liberal arts and “diversity and inclusion.”

As part of the broader Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, the Inclusive Excellence Initiative intends to amplify the crucial EDI work by faculty across the School of Arts and Humanities.

  • Proposal Requirements: Proposals will need to present in 500 words or less stating what EDI support is being requested, why the support is important for the department or institute, school, and university as a whole, and how specifically the support will enhance the student, staff, or faculty experience.

  • Funding Areas: (1) Faculty Mentorship, (2) Student Mentorship, (3) Community Engagement, and (4) Research.

  • Awards: There will be up to 5 awards of a $3,000 each available. If awarded, an update at the conclusion of the project may be requested.

  • Deadline: May 15, 2023.

  • Award Notification: The grant and award recipients will be notified by June 15, 2023.



General Resources

Building Issues - Facilities Management Contact Information

Facilities Management Information

For Emergencies:

  • Call (858) 534-2930
    • During business hours (7am - 3:30pm), your call will go to the Customer Help Desk
    • After business hours, your call will be forwarded to a voice-messaging system and you will be instructed to dial “03” to forward your call to the Central Utilities Plant for immediate response. Be prepared to provide detailed information for the operator.
  • Emergency examples:
    • Building system down, lights out, locked out of an office, water leak, water spill, clogged toilet, elevator problems
    • For Elevators problems: Provide the building, cab number or letter (C&D), floor number, if the door is open or closed, and if people are trapped inside

For Non-Emergent Requests:

  • Submit an online work request
    • Visit the Facilities Management Customer Portal (Maximo)
    • To access this system, you must be using a computer on the campus network or VPN. 
    • Please do not use "Describe the Issue" option in the Customer Portal. 
    • Login using your Single Sign-On account.
    • Follow the steps to submit your request. (Watch the Service Request Training Video.)
  • Non-emergent examples:
    • Blinds, HVAC temperature, window crank issues, sink hand sensor, building alterations, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, sign fabrication services or event support services (e.g., additional waste/recycling containers, bollards unlocked or irrigation turned off)
    • Provide these details: NTP, Building 1, Ridge Walk Academic Complex, Floor number, room number.


Marketing and Branding Resources

UC San Diego Brand Guidelines

Please view the campus branding guidelines for directions on fonts, colors, graphics and imagery.

Brand Downloads: 

UC San Diego - Photography and Videography Services and Requests

University Communications - Photography and Videography Services & Requests

In addition to supporting the core communication and public relations needs of the campus, University Communications offers photography and videography services to schools, divisions and departments as a recharge service.

There are two processes for submitting requests:

  1. Complete the Asana Form: use to request headshots, photo or video coverage of an event.
  2. Email use for other kinds of photo or video support—marketing photos or video, research/news coverage, etc.

Full details and rates are provided on the Photography and Videography University Communications page.

School of Arts and Humanities Logos

School of Arts and Humanities logo


  • To access and download files, log-in with an Active Directory account.
  • Logos are available in black, white, navy, and navy/gold versions, in jpg, png and eps format.
  • For guidance on logo usage, please visit the UC San Diego campus branding page at

School of Arts and Humanities Templates

To access and download files, log-in with an Active Directory account.



Arts and Humanities Building - Digital Screen Content Submission

The Arts and Humanities Building has digital screens located in the lobby area of six floors, managed in part by the Office of the Dean.

To request content be included on a digital screen, please complete this submission form.










Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

In addition to the School of Arts and Humanities one-sheet of campus-based resources (PDF) that includes core policies and principles, and whistleblower procedures, below is an expanded list of material and links for support.

Equity Advisors

Faculty Equity Advisor

Jessica Graham

Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
(858) 534-6270

Staff Equity Advisor

Anthony King

Director of Communications
(858) 822-7824

Anti-Racism Resources (from the office of EDI)

The Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion supports our campus community through a number of initiatives, programs and workshops, and are available to engage with you and your team in a variety discussion formats on anti-racism.

Their website is updated regularly with resources to support your personal edification and discussions with students, colleagues and teams regarding racism, including:
  • Key Terminology and Concepts
  • News and Expert Opinions
  • Podcasts
  • Research, Reports and Actionable Resources
  • Videos, Webinars and Virtual Panels
  • Resources directly for the UC San Diego Community
  • An EDI Engagement and Resources Request Portal

Anti-Racism Resources from the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion >>

Anti-Racism Guide: Resources for Education and Action from the UC San Diego Library

This Libguide, organized in consultation with the UC San Diego Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee with contributions from other units across the library, is by no means a definitive guide. The guide will evolve over time and The Library welcomes thoughts, suggestions and corrections.

The guide is compiled to flow from educating users to the topics of racism and anti-racism, taking a deeper dive into details and exploration of the scholarship, delivering educational resources to use in the classroom or for self-education, and then to build sustained and actionable practices for individuals and institutions.

Access the complete Anti-Racism Guide: Resources for Education and Action >>

Strategic Planning Toolkit

In the Strategic Planning Toolkit (PDF), you will find a proposed outline to guide the school, department and unit planning process.

This outline has been developed through extensive research of strategic planning processes nationwide — both academic and otherwise — and maps directly back to the intended outcomes of the UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence.

Strategic Planning Blueprint
  • Pre-Planning
    • Identify your planning leads and team members, establish a timeframe and conduct a kickoff meeting
  • Data Analysis and Goal Setting
    • Gather and review data to identify strengths and opportunities that will inform your plan's vision and accountability metrics
  • Creation and Development
    • Draft strategic plan, review with the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and revise and finalize
  • Implementation
    • Broadcast your plan to your wider unit or school, advise leadership on strategy and expectation, and monitor your progress

Download the Strategic Planning Toolkit (PDF) >>

21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge Material

Diversity scholar Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. created the 21-Day Challenge concept to promote deeper understandings of race, power, privilege, supremacy and oppression.

The UC San Diego Chancellor's 21-Day Challenge took place Friday, Aug. 7, 2020 through Friday, Sept. 4, 2020, with material and resources available for continued education.

We recognize the 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge is the beginning, not the end, of anti-racism work.

Access all material from the UC San Diego 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge >>

Need IT Support?

Arts and Humanities faculty and staff can submit a request to the email address for support from the School's IT team.


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