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Analytical Writing Program

Lecturer, 2022-2023

Faculty Salary Exchange Program and Course Buy-out Program

Faculty Salary Exchange Program (FSEP)

Faculty may pay a portion of their academic year salary on extramural funds, and retain 100% of their released salary. The resulting salary savings are retained by the department and distributed according to departmental policy.

Compensation effort from extramural sources should not exceed 50% time in an academic year.

Funds allocated to the participant must be used by the faculty member for research and administrative expenditures allowable on state funds.

Participation in the program should in no way reduce the teaching and service commitment of the faculty member.

Requests must be received by the Dean's Office at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the FSEP. Effective date is always the first day of the month.

FSEP form  


Faculty Course Buy-out Program (CBO)

Faculty may use extramural dollars to buy out 2 courses per year, at the rate of 1/3 of the participant's annual salary, or 1/6 (16.67%) per course.

The department will receive 100% of the released salary, of which a portion must be used to replace the participant's uncovered courses.

Participants must teach two courses during the year, at least one of which must be an undergraduate course (size and content to be determined by departmental needs).

Participants in the program should in no way reduce the service commitment of the faculty member. The faculty member must remain on campus for the duration of the buy-out, with the exception of standard leaves of absence within policy.  This program may not be used in combination with a sabbatical leave.

All requests are EVC authority.

Please send completed form to
CBO form

Arts and Humanities Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel Deadlines

Senate Faculty File Deadlines for 7/1/23

Due to Dean's Office: November 1,  2022

  • Appraisal
  • Further Above Scale (including accelerations)
  • Normal Merit
  • Merit/Reappt of Assistants (including accelerations)
  • No Change Action

Due to Dean's Office: December 1,  2022

  • Accelerated Merit
  • Merit with New Bonus OS
  • Bonus OS only

Due to Dean's Office: January 13,  2023

  • Merit to/through Step VI (Career Review)
  • Merit to Above Scale (Career Review)
  • Career Equity Reviews

Due to Dean's Office: January 20,  2023

  • Promotions (Career Review)

Continuing Lecturer and Temporary Faculty File Deadlines

Due to Dean's Office: October 21, 2022

  • 1/1/23 (Winter 2023) temporary teaching files

Due to Dean's Office: January 13, 2023

  • 4/1/23 (Spring 2023) temporary teaching files

Due to Dean's Office: February 10, 2023

  • 7/1/23 Cont Lect Merit files
  • 7/1/23 Initial Cont Lect Appt files
  • 7/1/23 Promotions to Sr. Cont Lect (and retro 7/1/22 files)

Due to Dean's Office: March 10, 2023

  • 7/1/23 Academic Coordinator files

Due to Dean's Office: March 17, 2023
  • 22/23 Pre-Six Review/Teaching Effectiveness files

Due to Dean's Office: May 1, 2023

  • 7/1/23 Academic Year (non-Cont) Lecturer files

Leave Deadlines

EVC authority leaves are due two months before pay period start date.

Dean authority leaves are due one month before pay period start date.

Fall (7/1 start date): EVC authority leaves due 5/1; DA leaves due 6/1

Winter (11/1 start date): EVC authority leaves due 9/1; DA leaves due 10/1

Spring (3/1 start date): EVC authority leaves due 1/1; DA leaves due 2/1


Jennifer Johnson

Departmental Bylaws

School and Departmental Review Standards

Ad Hoc Funding

Senate Faculty Ad Hoc Funding

  • Fall Deadline: Nov. 15, 2022
  • Winter Deadline: March 15, 2023

Requests should be presented in 500 words or less that states what support is being requested, why the support is important for the department, the School and the University as a whole, and how specifically the support will enhance the student or faculty experience.

  • The proposal must include how much money the department is putting towards this effort and what other funding sources have been sought and secured, if any.
  • Cost-share or match required: All awards require a cost share/match of at least 1 to 1.
  • Amount note: Applicants may request any amount. In the past few years, a majority of the awards grants have been for amounts less than $5,000.

Please complete the proposal application via the online portal.

Contact Roxann Bedia ( in the Dean’s Office if you have any questions.

Proposals will be prioritized according to how they align with the School's strategic goals:

  • Sustaining a first‐class faculty
  • Maintaining and enhancing graduate education
  • Increasing the number of entering freshmen
  • Building and expanding collaborative and interdisciplinary academic and research activities
  • Enhancing financial sustainability through the generation of new revenues

Note: Because of the large number of requests received and the goal of providing equal opportunity for everyone, please submit in a timely manner taking into consideration the date of proposed event/activity, the deadlines below, and the evaluation process. The applicant will be informed of the status four weeks after the deadline.

Funds will be transferred to the faculty member’s home department. All payment or reimbursement arrangements will be handled by the home department.

Additional ad-hoc funding from the Office of the Dean is available through the Inclusive Excellence initiative.

Additional funding opportunities

Four lists appear below: faculty internal funding, faculty external funding, and internal graduate-student funding and external graduate-student funding, all in the form of calendars. Due dates and maximum amounts offered as well as a link to the sponsor/funder are listed.

These calendars are updated on a regular basis so it is important to check for additions, deletions or any other changes.

Please contact Roxann Bedia, strategic program manager for the School of Arts and Humanities at or 858-534-0966 for more information.

General Resources

UC San Diego Brand Guidelines

Please view the campus branding guidelines for directions on fonts, colors, graphics and imagery.

Brand Downloads: 

UC San Diego - Photography and Videography Services and Requests

University Communications - Photography and Videography Services & Requests

In addition to supporting the core communication and public relations needs of the campus, University Communications offers photography and videography services to schools, divisions and departments as a recharge service.

There are two processes for submitting requests:

  1. Complete the Asana Form: use to request headshots, photo or video coverage of an event.
  2. Email use for other kinds of photo or video support—marketing photos or video, research/news coverage, etc.

Full details and rates are provided on the Photography and Videography University Communications page.

School of Arts and Humanities Logos

School of Arts and Humanities logo


  • To access and download files, log-in with an Active Directory account.
  • Logos are available in black, white, navy, and navy/gold versions, in jpg, png and eps format.
  • For guidance on logo usage, please visit the UC San Diego campus branding page at

School of Arts and Humanities Templates

To access and download files, log-in with an Active Directory account.




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