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The Division of Arts and Humanities at UC San Diego offers more than 100 undergraduate majors and graduate programs. It is an innovative, creative and collaborative division in which writers can work with scientists and artists can work with engineers.

The arts and humanities are the heart of a holistic education at UC San Diego. Majoring in or taking classes in history, literature, philosophy, music, theatre and dance or visual arts helps prepare students to communicate clearly, think critically and solve problems creatively in the working world.

UC San Diego’s Division of Arts and Humanities jumped 10 spots to No. 23 nationally on the U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 listing of Best Global Universities. The division also offers one of the quickest times-to-degree on campus.

Our students can expect award-winning faculty, diverse and inclusive programs and interdisciplinary research that positions them to gain excellent opportunities in their fields of interest—or through cross-disciplinary scholarship—that strengthen their appeal in a 21st century marketplace.

Commons jobs for arts and humanities graduates:

Interesting facts about studying the arts and humanities:

  • Humanities majors score higher on the GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCA exams.
  • 95% of employers prioritize hiring people with intellectual and interpersonal skills that enable them to contribute creatively to the workplace.
  • 93% of employers agree that a candidate’s ability to think critically, communicate clearly and solve problems is more important than his or her undergraduate degree.
  • 90% of humanities majors report job satisfaction 10 years after graduation.



UC San Diego Arts and Humanities helps students make sense of the world.

Institute of Arts and Humanities

The Institute of Arts and Humanities provides the consolidated, yet richly diverse, resource for improving the effectiveness of humanities studies as it impacts our fast-evolving, interconnected world.   By buttressing the numerous and richly diverse small, independent programs currently operating throughout the Division, the Institute elevates the role of arts and humanities on campus through cross-divisional and cross-campus education programs, through initiatives dedicated to specific regional or cultural studies, and through agile lab-style research collaborations focused on multidisciplinary themes.

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Luis Alvarez, Director: (858) 822-0131
Mark Hanna, Associate Director: (858) 822-1532
Katherine Levy, MSO: (858) 534-0250

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Manuscript Forum Call for Applications

The Institute of Arts and Humanities (IAH) invites applications for its first annual Manuscript Forum. The Forum offers support and feedback for UCSD faculty nearing completion of first or second book manuscripts that will feature in promotion to associate or full professor.  Applications are due February 20th, 2017. Read more...